I tried to eat at Hama Sushi/Japanese Sushi restaurant

About Hama Sushi

“Hama Sushi” is a popular Japanese revolving sushi brand. Sushi is a representative Japanese restaurant culture, and Hama Sushi, a chain sushi brand of ZENSHO Group, insists on making authentic Japanese sushi.

It allows the public to feel the connotation of Japanese sushi dining culture. As of December 2020, Hama Sushi has more than 500 directly-managed stores in Japan and 12 directly-managed stores in China, Hama Sushi insists on the principle of strict quality control, service first and fair price, so that the public can enjoy the fresh, safe and suitable price of Japanese local sushi.

A wide variety of products, with more than 60 fresh and diverse items to choose from.

Advanced time management system, integrated with computer, to serve at specified time. Ensure fresh and delicious sushi.

Each serving of sushi is served with outstanding quality
Ingredient Selection and Quality Control
All of Hama Sushi’s products are made from fresh, reliable, quality-controlled ingredients.



Hama Sushi is a popular Japanese revolving sushi chain that not only uses high quality ingredients, but also has competitive prices due to its mass production and centralized distribution methods.


It took a little time for the food to come out when ordered, so I guess it is a material that is not ordered very often.

My personal opinion of Hama Sushi is that Sushiro is better.

Tuna” and “Oba-zuked Japanese Squid” were tasty, but there were many items on the menu that I couldn’t eat.



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