Yoshinoya/ Yoshinoya Beef Yakiniku Set Meal

Yoshinoya Beef Yakiniku Set Meal

This time we ate Yoshinoya’s beef yakiniku set meal!

Yoshinoya already has a beef kalbi set meal, so we will also check the differences.

Product name: Beef Yakiniku Teishoku

Price (including tax): 598 yen

Calories: 785 kcal

By the way, here is the Beef Karubi Teishoku

The difference is whether it has a sauce and onions or not?

The price is the same, so it’s really a matter of preference.

However, the beef ribs set meal has 949 kcal, so the amount of meat may be smaller because of the onions.

It comes with miso soup and gochujang sauce. However, I think the quantity is less than that of gochujang sauce of kalbi yakiniku.

And the main beef yakiniku.

It is served on a hot iron plate, which is nice.

The meat is an appetizing type of fatty meat.

The meat is seasoned in a way that it is just like stir-fried yakiniku, a little less sweet and a little more salty than the kalbi yakiniku.

The onions are big!

The onions are well seasoned.

I think it’s a little too much.

You can also enjoy changing the taste by pouring gochujang sauce on it. Yoshinoya – Beef Yakiniku Set Meal

However, the gochujang sauce is not very much, so it might be better to eat it at the end of the meal.

Surprisingly, the gochujang sauce is spicy.

Thank you for the meal.

It was a delicious yakiniku set meal.

However, I personally prefer the kalbi set meal.

Maybe you should try it once and find out which one you like better!

Beef sukiyaki hot pot set

This menu is available only from autumn to winter

Beef suki-nabe set 648 yen (excluding tax)
(*Large portion 748 yen (without tax))

Beef sukiyaki nabe, rice, egg, and pickled Chinese cabbage are served on a tray.

When ordering, you can choose whether you want a normal or a large serving of rice.

Ingredients of Beef Sukiyaki are
Chinese cabbage
Potherb mustard
White onion
Chinese cabbage, carrots, onions, potherb mustard, white onion
Cotton curd

Pork and Cheese Pork Bowl

Beef Kalbi Ginger Bowl

Thank you for reading to the end.

See you again then!

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