Yaromeshi, pork fried with ginger

Yaro Meshi” was created with the idea of “making everyday life more energetic” through food. The brand was born out of the desire to “make your life more energetic” through “food”, and is a restaurant where you can enjoy “exquisite side dishes” that stimulate your appetite “vigorously” and “with full stomach” with rice. The restaurant offers “exquisite side dishes” to whet your appetite, served with rice and a “full belly. The first store opened in Gunma Prefecture in November 2021, and as of the end of April 2023, there were 16 stores, mainly in the northern Kanto region.

Yaro-meshi Menu

The signature item is still the “Ginger-yaki Set Meal

The menu reads

I can’t get enough of the secret sauce!
Absolutely delicious!

and “Absolutely delicious!” on the menu, which whetted my appetite.

Shoga-yaki Teishoku
Chicken Nanban set meal
Toriten set meal
Braised chicken with vegetables set meal

ginger-yaki set meal

The meat is thick and hearty!

The secret ginger sauce is a nice touch.
Rice can be changed to a “large serving” for free

Chicken Tempura Set Meal

It was crispy and delicious!

set meal with rice guts boiled in a pot

The soup was rich and delicious!

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