How to get to Umeda Sky Court Observatory

Introduction to Umeda Sky Court Observatory

The Umeda Blue Sky Building is a popular spot to get a bird’s eye view of the whole city of Osaka and enjoy the sunset night view.

-The circular observation deck connects the east and west buildings, providing a wide 360-degree view.

The observation deck has many special seats for lovers and a shrine for praying for the achievement of love, and couples can stroll on the luminescent stone floor outside the rooftop and enjoy a galaxy-like fantasy of romance.

The building is also one of the locations for the popular Japanese drama “Naoki Hanzawa” and has a 1920s Osaka-style Takimi Koji food court on the lower level.

Notes on the Umeda Sky Court Observation Deck

If you want to enjoy the sunset over Osaka Castle, it is recommended to arrive at 5:30.

-A haunted house is built outside the building from time to time every summer, so bees who are looking for excitement may want to take on the challenge.

How to get to Umeda Sky Court Observatory

By subway: 7-9 minutes walk from Osaka Station on the JR or Hankyu Line to Umeda Station; 12 minutes walk from Umeda Station on the Hanshin Main Line.

You can go to the observatory from TOWER EAST.

First, take the escalator to the departure gate on the 3rd floor.

Umeda Sky Garden Observatory Ticket

Jan. 1-Dec. 31 Mon.-Sun.

General admission:1,000 yen

Admission is free if you purchase an Osaka Weekender Card.

Umeda Sky Court Observatory Tips

This viewpoint is quite famous, it is said that the night view is excellent, we went all the way through the rain, and finally the wind is really strong are about to blow people away. Finally in time to go before six o’clock in the evening (because the weekly card must go before six o’clock in order to free). All the way up to the highest floor by elevator, a door design style that I like, it is installed in the ceiling mirror, in the vertical greatly stretched the sense of space, in fact, the original height is very general. One of the great things about the Blue Sky Umeda Building compared to the viewpoints I visited in Tokyo is that it has a small room where the architectural interpretation and design concept of the building is explained in great detail. I think the person who designed this building is quite romantic, it thinks of this building as a space ship breaking through the sky, there are many people inside the observation deck, everyone is very casual, sitting on the floor, playing with each other, there are many children, the atmosphere is still very relaxed, I think, or maybe the heavy rain makes this building inadvertently become a shelter for everyone.


Compared with Sakishima Observatory, Umeda Observatory sees a better view of the city, with tall buildings lined up, so if you like to shoot tall buildings and cities, we recommend coming to Umeda. After talking about the advantages of Umeda, its disadvantages are also obvious, that is, too many people, 360 degree panoramic observation deck, full of people, we have to wait for half a day to find a vacant position, can choose very few camera positions, can not be as arbitrary as in Sakishima observation deck.

In addition to the observation deck, the Umeda Building also has some stores, which promote consumption while watching the scenery, a common practice in tourist spots. But the small goods sold are really interesting, I don’t know if they are handkerchiefs or silk scarves, and the Japanese style patterns look good, much better than the Yiwu small goods mass production sold to tourist destinations across the country.


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