Staying one night at the airport at Kansai International Airport

If you want to stay one night at Kansai airport, we recommend Aero Plaza with ample facilities

spend the night at Kansai International Airport?

Kansai International Airport is open 24-hour airport terminal. In addition to hotels, lounges and free rest areas, there are three 24-hour stores and convenience stores.

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Kansai International Airport consists of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and Aero Plaza.
The distance between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is approximately 4 km. When traveling between the terminal buildings, take the free shuttle bus from the first floor of Aero Plaza and take 7 to 9 minutes.

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If you want to relax, go to Hotel & Capsule Hotel

in the Kansai International Airport, there are city hotels that combine the comfort and service of a relaxing stay, and capsule hotels that allow you to stay at relatively affordable prices.

■ Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport ■ Location: Inside Aero Plaza

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
Address: Izumisano City, Osaka

■ First Cabin Kansai Airport ■ Location: Aero Plaza 3F

First Cabin Kansai Airport
Location: Kansai International Airport Aero Plaza 3F

OK for a short time! Rest in the lounge

■ KIX Airport Lounge ■ Location: North side of 2nd floor of Terminal 1 Building

This is a 24-hour airport lounge that integrates an Internet cafe. In addition to open seats (57 seats), there are single booths (11 non-smoking, 4 smoking) that feel like a private room surrounded by partitions, and private rooms that can be used in groups. Reservations are not possible. Use of shower only is OK (510 yen, towels are also available. If you use the lounge, you can use it for 310 yen).

Open seats are 310 yen for the first 30 minutes and 100 yen for every 10 minutes thereafter.
The pack fee is 1,540 yen for 3 hours, 2,670 yen for 6 hours, and 3290 yen for 9 hours.

Booth seats and group rooms are ¥ 410 for the first 30 minutes and ¥ 120 for every 10 minutes thereafter.
The pack fee is 1,850 yen for 3 hours, 3.090 yen for 6 hours, and 3,910 yen for 9 hours.

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Aero Plaza 2nd floor

Aero Plaza is a building located at the right hand side of the JR / Nankai ticket gate.

Just opposite Terminal 1 Building.

Here is a great place to stay over night and here has all the facilities.

In the rest area, benches are lined up and blankets are rented for free. There are a few seats where power is available. Blankets are available from 23:00 to 6:00 the next day (return time must be strictly adhered to). At the lending counter, you need to write your name and scheduled flight on the lending record book (the number is limited).
If you return the blanket by 6:00 the next day, you can take it out of the rest room. Blanket rental service is also available at the Terminal 2 (International Terminal) Information Center.

The shower room on the second floor of Aero Plaza is open 24 hours. 500-600 yen / 15 minutes.
Body soap and shampoo and rinse are provided. There are towel sales and hairdryer rental services.

Rent a blanket at a free rest area and take a nap

Available only from 18:00 in the evening to 9:00 in the next morning.

In addition, blanket rental service is limited to after 23:00. Please be careful.

Hour 18:00 – 9:00
Fee Free
Free WIFI yes
Experience temperature Good
Shower stall Yes
vending machine  Yes
Coin locker  Yes
Charge power  Yes
Recommended for such people People like Free service and quiet places

Aero Plaza 2nd floor refresh square

Fee paid
Free WIFI yes
Experience temperature Somewhat hot (just good for a nap)
Shower stall No
vending machine Yes (free drink)
Coin locker Yes
Charge power Yes
Recommended for such people Those who want a good night’s rest

Leave luggage in coin locker

There are 4 locations in Terminal 1 Building, 3 locations in Terminal 2 Building and 3 locations in Aero Plaza. You can use it according to your needs, such as hourly / daily, small / medium / large size.

24-hour restaurant

Here are some 24-hour restaurants that you can use when you are hungry or take a break. There are many stores that are open early in the morning before 7 o’clock and late at night after 22:00.


【Terminal 1 Building】
・convenience store : FamilyMart on the 2nd and 4th floor of Terminal 1 Building:
・convenience store:Lawson (Terminal 1 Building 2F / 4F)

【Terminal 2 Building】
・convenience store Seven-Eleven

【Aero Plaza】
Burger King
・convenience store:Lawson(Aero Plaza1F2F

List of stores that are open early and late at night

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