How to get to Sony Explora Science

About Sony Explora Science

What’s inside Sony Explora Science?

In summary, there are several zones.
Sound Zone: Sound Science Zone
Light Zone: Light/Visual Science Zone
Theater & Workshop Zone: Here is a 3D theater, Workshop which requires registration and Japanese language requirement
Studio SES: This scientific theater performance venue
Information & Entertainment Zone: Entrance

Sound Zone

It is a scientific demonstration around sound, parents are strongly recommended to visit in advance.

Because there are many children on site, and it is too time-consuming to read the instructions and figure out.

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Light Zone

This is a scientific demonstration around optics, parents are strongly advised to visit in advance: the

Theater 3D Cinema

There are different movies in groups of 30 minutes

Program schedule

P.S. The eyesight of children under 6 years old is still in the developmental stage and can be watched, but please observe the condition of the child (the author guesses: do not watch it if you rub your eyes uncomfortable, etc.)

Studio SES is theater

There are two shows, and this one is the favorite of the kids!
The first is the science warrior – the official description is “in the future of the serious intensification of the cosmic war, 10 full of personality of the planet representatives, using their scientific knowledge and skills, launched a scientific experiment competition, the rules are through the competition to peacefully resolve the dispute, each time two people to participate in the field of experiments duel.

Participants are proficient in “light”, “sound”, “atmospheric pressure” and other areas of science and technology, as well as mathematical knowledge, to show everyone their best experiments, and finally through the audience to be judged by them. The audience will judge them. The winner of the competition will be able to continue to demonstrate other experiments.”

Time: 14:30-15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
It’s okay to watch this one and not understand it.

The other one is a big competition of right and wrong
This one has a language problem, 15:30-16:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Official web page

Opening hours


Closing Days

The second and fourth Tuesday of each month, December 31 and January 1, please check here for details


Adults 500 yen, Children (3-15 years old) 300 yen

How to get there

Take the subway or JR to Shinbashi, then transfer to the Hyakugo Seagull Line and get off at Odaiba.

Introduction to the Lily Seagull Line: “Odaiba Map and Internal Area Access

The exact location is the 5th floor of Mediage on the right side of AquaCity.

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