How to get to Kyoto Uji Bridge

About Kyoto Uji Bridge

Uji Bridge is located in front of Ise Jingu Shrine and is one of the three oldest bridges in Japan, along with Karashi Bridge in Seta and Yamazaki Bridge. A statue of Shikibu, the author of “The Tale of Genji”, stands at the bridge. This bridge is mentioned in literary works such as “The Tale of Genji” and the legend of Hashihime in the Noh play “The Iron Wheel”.

Introduction to Kyoto Uji Bridge

Uji Bridge, which spans both sides of the Uji River, is a majestic and beautiful pure Japanese style bridge, 153 meters long, built in the second year of the Daika era (646 AD), and is the oldest surviving bridge in Japan. At the west end of Uji Bridge stands the Ujihashi Hime Shrine. Ujihashihime is the god of the Nagashi Bridge, and the ancient Japanese believed that the bridge was a link from one end to the other, signifying the path from the present world to the next, so the bridge has always been regarded as the home of the soul. As the god of the bridge, Ujihashihime was also given the important role of controlling the boundary, defending against foreign enemies and warding off diseases, and was worshiped in a solemn manner.

Kyoto Uji Bridge Access Information

You will pass this Uji Bridge on the way from Uji JR Station to Eiheiin.

Kyoto Uji Bridge Ticket Prices

No tickets are required.

Kyoto Uji Bridge Opening Hours

All day

Kyoto Ujibashi Address

1 Higashiga Jiraku, Uji-Imaizumi-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture

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