Where is the best place to leave my suitcase on the Shinkansen?

When you take a bullet train with a suitcase, aren’t you worried about where to put it?

If you have ever ridden the Shinkansen, many of you must be anxious about riding with a large suitcase.

Here we will explain where to place your suitcase on the Shinkansen, the size of luggage you can bring on board, and what to look out for when bringing large luggage.

Luggage size that can be carried on the Shinkansen

This is the size of luggage that can be carried in the Shinkansen.

  • Total length of 3 sides (length + width + height) is within 250cm
  • Luggage weighs no more than 30 kg
  • Length of the baggage is within 2m
  • Up to 2 pieces (excludes personal effects such as handbags, umbrellas, walking sticks, etc.)

Sports equipment such as ski equipment and surfboards, musical instruments, wheelchairs, baby strollers, etc. may be brought in without size restrictions.

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Where should I not leave my suitcase on the Shinkansen?


Do not leave luggage in the aisles.


It is very dangerous to leave them on the deck.

List of places to leave suitcases on Shinkansen bullet trains

①luggage rack

The basic place to place luggage on the Shinkansen is on the luggage rack above your seat.

The depth of the luggage rack varies slightly from Shinkansen to Shinkansen, but it is about 40~45cm deep.

The height of the luggage rack is about 30~35cm.

②luggage storage space

In addition to luggage racks, some Shinkansen trains are equipped with luggage storage areas that can hold large suitcases.

These luggage storage areas are located in the passenger cabin or on deck space.

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③Foot space

The foot space in the seat is 53 cm between your chair and the seat in front of you, and the width of the seat is about 40 cm.

This 53 cm deep x 40 cm wide space will accommodate your luggage and your own feet.

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