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About Gyoza no Ousho

Gyoza no Ousho Ou is a chain of Chinese restaurants. With gyoza (gyoza dumplings) as its signature menu item, the chain offers low-priced, popular Chinese cuisine. The company has opened stores nationwide, mainly in the Kansai and Kanto regions.

Gyoza set meal

Gyoza no Ohsho’s gyoza is delicious with or without sauce. It is recommended that you try different ways of eating gyoza with the gyoza set menus. It is a good idea to try different tastes of gyoza with the gyoza set meal.

Some people visit several Gyoza no Ousho and enjoy the Gyoza Teishoku of various restaurants. Even if it is your first time to visit Gyoza no Ousho, Gyoza Teishoku is recommended for those who want to try the taste of the restaurant because it is a menu where you can enjoy the taste of gyoza.

Tenshindon Rice

The eggs were a simple filling, with lots of scallions!

Tenshindon rice served in a heap on a plate. The pale yellow egg is semi-cooked and looks like a thick omelette. The red color of the large crab meat contrasted exquisitely with the green of the green onions, and the Kyoto-style sauce (bean paste) coating the crab meat shone brightly. First, take a bite of the Kyoto-style sauce. The thickening of the sauce is strong and the flavor of the broth is refreshing, reminiscent of ten-tsuyu. It is so delicious that you could eat rice with just the red bean paste.

When you eat the egg, crab meat, rice, and red bean paste together with a spoon, your mouth is filled with “Uma-i” at once. The rice with a sense of graininess is united with the thickened egg and red bean paste, and has a very gentle and soft taste. The mild taste of the egg and the saltiness of the lightly seasoned broth are perfect. I couldn’t remember it being this good. I was so impressed.


When you visit Gyoza no Ousho, be sure to try the Gyoza Set Meal, a popular menu item. Many people recommend it as a convenient way to eat delicious gyoza. In this article, we will introduce the appeal of the gyoza set meal for those who have not yet tried it.

Furthermore, Gyoza no Ousho is known for the flexibility of its menu in each region and each restaurant. Some stores may not have a menu called Gyoza Teishoku or may offer it under a different menu name, so please refer to it if you cannot find it at your local store.

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