【Gourmet】Karayama, restaurant specializing in deep-fried chicken

Crispy and tasty fried chicken, free large serving of rice, and all-you-can-eat salted fish inside the restaurant!

What is about Karayama

Karayama is a karaage specialty restaurant that sells karaage set menus and side dishes in the same family as Katsuya, which serves tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and katsudon (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice).

According to the list of stores on the official website, there are about 100 stores nationwide.

The fried chicken here is of course delicious, but I personally enjoy the all-you-can-eat salted squid when eating or drinking inside the restaurant.


Karayama Set Meal

Karayama set meal with 4 pieces of fried chicken.

There are 5 and 6 pieces of fried chicken, and each additional piece costs 100 yen more.
A large serving of rice is free.
You can enjoy it in three different sauces.

Support for takeout and delivery.
In addition to takeout (to-go), Uber Eats delivery is also available.

Official website


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