Board the red limited express train “Yufu” connecting Hakata and Oita! Fares and reservation methods are also introduced.

Have you heard of the red express train called Yufu?

Yufu is an express train operated by Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) between Hakata Station and Oita and Beppu Stations via Kagoshima Main Line, Hisada Main Line and Nippo Main Line.

The name “Yufu” is derived from Mt. Yufu in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture, also known as Bungo Fuji. The name “Yufuin-no-mori” (Yufuin Forest) refers to Mt. Yufu and the (then) town of Yufuin, and was intended to evoke an idyllic landscape.

In this issue, we would like to introduce you to this Yufu Limited Express!

Limited Express Yufu with no in-train sales or stores

Limited Express Yufu is a limited express train connecting Hakata – Yufuin – Beppu, Oita.
It is a short, two-car train, and is divided into non-reserved and reserved seats.

While most limited express trains have an image of on-board sales and stores, the Yufu has none of these.

If you are going to take the train, buy something to drink or eat at the station or vending machine in advance!

Express Yufu Fare

Here’s a quick summary of the express Yufu fares!

Hakata – Kurume
Non-reserved seat 1,390 yen, Reserved seat 1,920 yen

Hakata – Yufuin
Non-reserved seat 4110 yen, Reserved seat 4640 yen

Hakata – Oita
Non-reserved seat 5150 yen, Reserved seat 5680 yen

Yufuin – Oita
Non-reserved seat 1,580 yen, Reserved seat 2,110 yen

If you’re a JQ Card member, try using JR Kyushu’s online reservation, as reserved seats are a little cheaper!

There are two ways to get a ticket for limited express Yufu

There are two ways to get a ticket for the limited express Yufu: buying at the station and buying through online reservation.

We still recommend using JR Kyushu’s online reservation in that you can purchase tickets from your smartphone.

JR Kyushu does not currently have a ticketless service, so after making a reservation online, tickets are issued at a ticket vending machine at the station.

You need to register as a member of JR Kyushu to make reservations online.
If you do that, you can get a great deal on Kyushu’s limited express trains!

Unreserved seats are more economical

I actually felt that the quality of the seats is the same for both reserved and unreserved seats.

So the unreserved seats are more economical!

There is no power outlet, but you can still recline!

Very convenient for travel between Oita and Yufuin!

Personally, I recommend taking the Yufuin-no Mori from Hakata to Yufuin and the Yufu from Yufuin to Oita.

Yufuin-no-mori also offers the same discount as the limited express Yufu if you make reservations online, and you can enjoy limited gourmet meals and the view from the observation car.

Then, use the limited express Yufu to travel from Yufuin to Oita.
It’s cheaper than Yufuin no Mori and faster than a regular train to Oita!

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