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About Tokeiji

Tokeiji Temple is located halfway up a hill near Kitakamakura Station and was founded in 1285 by Shidouni, the wife of Tokimune Hojo, the eighth ruler of the Kamakura Shogunate.

Later, in the early 14th century, when Uido-ni, the imperial daughter of the emperor, became the head of the temple, the temple was renamed Matsuoka Gosho because it was built on Matsuoka Hill, and generations of famous women have been the head of the temple since then.

The temple was known for defending women’s rights, and at a time when women were not free to marry, women who fled to Togyoji Temple because of abuse were protected, and after three years of training at the temple, their husbands had to agree to a divorce.

How to get there

4 minutes walk from Kitakamakura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line.

1367 Yamanouchi, Kamakura City


The Japanese temple on the slope is very unique

I went there during the hydrangea season, and the flowers at the entrance of the mountain gate are also awesome. Inside, there is a tea room facing a patch of iris flowers.

The temple on the hill. It’s really great, especially the architecture is really nice. I will go back next time I have the chance.

Halfway up a small hill near Kitakamakura Station. The temple has a distinctly feminine atmosphere and is elegant and secluded. There are many cemeteries towards the hill, including some famous people.

Went there for the movie, but later found out that there may not be much filming there? Probably the nunnery relationship? Or maybe it’s because there’s a cemetery not long after entering? Even in the afternoon when the sun was shining, it felt a little heavy with gloom. Maybe it will look better when you go in flower season?

A very small temple, which sells good souvenirs, sit and look at half an hour to wander through.

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