How to get to Lake Biwa hydrophobic

About Lake Biwa hydrophobic

This site is the water intake of Lake Biwa hydrophobic waterway built to bring water from Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture to Kyoto City (a different site from Yamako hydrophobic where rape flowers are planted). It can be used as the starting point of the hydrophobic dispersal route.

How to get there

Kyoto Electric Railway Ishiyama-Saka Main Line: Get off at Mitsuiji Station and walk west from the east exit of the Daiichi hydrophobic tunnel to the waterway for 7 minutes.

Miideracho, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture 520-0034


It is only 500 meters long and is a railroad track used to carry boats when Lake Biwa and the city’s waterways were opened. You can turn left and go to Heian Jingu Shrine via Okazaki hydrophobic in a minute. There are several cherry blossom trees and a memorial hall.

Do not come in the summer, too hot, the lake is beautiful, but the feeling of baking salted fish is very unpleasant.

Another cherry blossom viewing spot recommended, like a quiet place where not many people, you can enjoy the scenery while picnicking. Thanks for the recommendation

Yamako hydrophobic is a branch of Lake Biwa hydrophobic, located in Kyoto, and after entering Shiga, it became the first hydrophobic of Lake Biwa. In fact, it means the same thing, and both of them refer to this super long hydrophobic area.
One end of Yamashina is the famous Tilted Railway and Philosophy Road, while the other end is Lake Biwa, which leads to Shiga Prefecture. I got off the train at Yamashina Station and walked to Ichidoen to enter Yamashina hydrophobic road, but I didn’t start from the inclined railway. For one thing, it was too long to walk. Secondly, the tilted railroad track is really a lot of people, nature does not like to get together, so it is good to start walking in the middle. The day before just rained, so the road is a little muddy, cherry blossoms along the hydrophobic and open, indeed beautiful. The hydrophobic well, originally is the role of the waterway transportation, also can be planted on both sides of the cherry blossoms called flower viewing place.

Biwa Lake, what a beautiful name! The environment is beautiful, and there are sightseeing boats. Biwako is absolutely beautiful!

There is water, there is the spirit, against the shore cherry blossoms is beautiful!


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