All you need to know about Abukuma-do, a super cool summer resort in Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture

What is Abukuma-do?

Abukuma-do Cave is a natural beauty created over a long period of time.
The 600-meter-long cave is a mysterious world of infinite variety, including stalactites that drop from the ceiling and stalagmites that accumulate like bamboo shoots from under the floor.

Each of the various forms of beauty created by the erosion of the groundwater that flows down from the cave have their own names and fascinate visitors.
In “Takine Goten,” the largest hall in the three-tiered cave, visitors can view crystal curtains, boxwork, shields, cave corals, and other precious stalactites that can only be seen here up close.

In addition, there are a series of natural wonders that never cease to impress the viewer, such as the Dragon Palace, the Moon World, tree ice, Christmas trees, and petrified tree forests.

Because it is a cave, the temperature inside the cave is about 15 degrees Celsius all year round, making it cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a very nice sightseeing spot.

Points to note when visiting Abukuma-do Cave
When visiting Abukuma-do Cave, it is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes (the bottom is wet and slippery) and clothes (in summer, it may be chilly in a single layer).
There are about 300 steps in Abukuma-do Cave, and it takes about 40 minutes (600m) for the general course and about 50 minutes for the exploration course.

Abukuma-do Opening Hours and Admission Fees

Admission Fee
General Course: 1200 yen
Adventure Course: General Course + 200 yen = 1400 yen (additional payment can be made in the cave)

How to get there?

Abukuma-do Cave is located in Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture.
By car: 15 minutes from the Ono IC of the Abukuma Kogen Road.
By train: 5 minutes by cab from Kamimata Station on the Ban-Etsu Higashi Line.

It is easier to get there by car.

Parking lot (with EV stand)

Since it is a famous tourist attraction, there is a vast parking lot. The second parking lot requires a slight climb up the hill to the entrance, but if the first parking lot is available, it is recommended to park in the first lot if available.
If there is space available, we recommend that you park in the first parking lot.
There is also an EV stand in the first parking lot.


I think it is an even better spot to visit in the summer. The countryside surrounding Abukuma-do is also very picturesque, making it a perfect place to visit in the summer. On a hot summer day, why don’t you go to Abukuma-do and enjoy sightseeing while cooling off in the cool air?


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