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Where are they Located?

Usaburo Kokeshi (卯三郎こけし) is the Japanese customary doll “Kokeshi” shop and producer in Gunma Prefecture. The author Mr. Usaburo Okamoto has outlined and created Kokeshi.

Not just creating customary style of Kokeshi, Mr. Usaburo has been testing new style of Kokeshi. Usaburo Kokeshies are the colossal agreement of customary and cutting edge style of Kokeshi which created by the best originators.


Usaburo Kokeshi has around 300 sorts of Kokeshies. Kokeshies are incredible for keepsake, wedding, mother’s and Father’s day, birthday, youngsters’ day, and other festival.

All of Usaburo Kokeshi are outline by wining honor originators beginning with the organizer Mr. Usaburo. From those new composed Kokeshi, Usaburo Kokeshi delivers new model of Kokeshies.

One of the unique component about Usaburo Kokeshi is its planning and generation. It has been connected blaze off and cutting outlining system which gives Kokeshi better approach for expression.

Likewise by utilizing zelkova trees which has extraordinary wood composition as base wood, Usaburo Kokeshi applies regular magnificence and congruity of wood to its configuration. Applying those new style of outlining with the best originator, Usaburo Kokeshi reates new style of Kokeshi ever.

In the display, there are around 1000 Kokeshi which winning grant Kokeshies.

Usaburo Kokeshi additionally has an ordeal outlining Kokeshi. You can get your most loved state of Kokeshi and paint it without anyone else’s input to make your own Kokeshi.

Size and Price of Kokeshi dolls

Size: 3.2 cm(1.5 in.) to 42 cm(16 in.)

Value: 1000 yen to 70,000 yen


Cornel, Sakura, Chestnut tree and Zelkova tree.

Single Kokeshi dolls, Couple Kokeshi dolls, Sexagenary cycles, X’mas and wedding, Mother’s and Father’s day, Typical Japanese general merchandise, Unlacquered wood creates, and different sorts of endowments.

Office Hour: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Url: http://www.usaburo.com


Adress:1591 Nagaoka, Shinto-mura, Kitagunmagun, Gunma 370-3501

take JR Joetsu Line to Shibukawa St.,then take a bus


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