How to buy Pokemon card in Japan

Where can you buy Pokémon cards?
I buy mine here at a discount (list price)!

Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan is the best place to buy Pokémon cards online.

Amazon’s Invitational Sales is a general “lottery sales” method.

This sales method is used when “” is the distributor of popular products such as Pokémon cards.

Applying for invitation sales is also called “invitation request.

If you select “Request Invitation,” you can apply for Invitation Sales, so be sure to request an invitation if there is a product you want.

Amazon’s invitation request is valid for 12 months after you apply, and you will receive periodic invitation e-mails notifying you of your selection as a resale item after the release date.

Therefore, it is not too late to make an invitation request now, after the release date.

Amazon Japan How to apply for lottery sales (invitation request)

Open the product page for which you wish to apply
Tap “Request Invitation” on the product page
You can apply for Amazon’s lottery sales by tapping the “Request Invitation” button at the bottom of the product page.

Pokémon Center Online

Resales at Pokémon Centers generally take place as the store opens.

Unlike Yodobashi Camera and other electronics retailers, there are very few cases where resales suddenly start after the store has arrived in the afternoon.

Therefore, if you are planning to go on resale at a Pokémon Center, we recommend that you come to the store according to the opening time.

Weekend resales are relatively common.
Re-releases at Pokémon Centers are relatively often held on weekends.

In particular, there is data that shows that regular re-releases of new bullets are often held on Saturdays.

If you live near a Pokémon Center and regularly visit the Pokémon Center, you may be able to catch a re-release if you aim for the Saturday opening time.

Pokémon Center Japan How to apply for Pokémon card reservation by lottery

Lottery sales of Pokémon cards at the Pokémon Center will be published in the “Lottery Sales Announcement” section of the Pokemon Center Staff Voice.


JOSHIN is a large specialty store specializing in home appliances, toys, remodeling, and cell phones.

In addition, Kids Land, a toy specialty store focusing on toys, various models, and game-related products, also carries trading cards, including Pokémon cards.

JOSHIN in particular tends to regularly resell and limit pack purchases, making it an easy store to purchase expansion packs, even with the recent popularity of Pokémon cards.

Joshin Pokémon Card Lottery: How to apply for the lottery sale

Select “My Page” from the menu at the bottom of the Joshin app
Select “Store Only Campaign Entry” at the bottom of the page
Select “Pokémon Card Lottery Campaign
Confirm the notes and select “Agree and proceed
Select your prefecture and the store where you would like to receive your Pokémon cards, and then select “Enter”.

JOSHIN lottery sales can be applied for through the “JOSHIN App”.

You will also need to have a purchase history on your “JOSHIN Card” which is linked to the JOSHIN App.


Here are some tips for buying Pokémon cards at ToysRUs.

This method does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase Pokémon cards, but it will make it much easier than coming to the store in the dark.

Aim for cancellations of lottery sales

ToysRUs is increasingly selling new Pokémon cards by lottery.

Therefore, there is no general sale on the day of Pokémon card release, and only those who win the lottery can purchase the cards.

Winners can pick up their Pokémon cards during the three-day period from Friday to Sunday, which is basically the day of the Pokémon card release.

If the winners do not purchase the items by the pickup period, they are automatically cancelled and the cancelled items tend to be sold at the respective stores.

Therefore, the day after the pick-up period (which is usually Monday), Toys “R” Us stores nationwide tend to sell the cancelled lottery tickets.

*The cancellations are not always sold at the stores.

How to apply for the lottery for Pokémon card reservations at ToysRUs
You can apply for the lottery sales (reservations) of Pokémon cards at ToysRUs from the lottery page of the QR code on the poster in the ToysRUs store.

*As soon as the “Lottery Sales Announcement” is released, it will be announced on the official Twitter account of PokéGetchan, so if you want to know the “Lottery Sales Announcement,” please follow and wait for it.


Basically, Pokémon cards arrive at GEO on Thursdays.
*In some cases, it may be moved to Friday, but basically on Thursday.

This is because it is predetermined that packages such as trading cards will arrive on Thursdays.

The time of arrival varies slightly from store to store, but they tend to arrive around noon (11:00 to 13:00).

GEO How to apply for Pokémon card reservation by lottery
Application is only available through the official GEO app

Sanyodo Bookstore

The timing of major re-releases of Pokémon cards at Sanyodo bookstores tends to vary from area to area and store to store.

It is a good idea to follow the official Twitter account of the store you frequent and keep track of the date and time of the re-release announcements so that you will know what day of the week and time the re-releases are most likely to take place.

Sanyodo Bookstore Pokémon Card Lottery: How to Apply

Lottery sales at Sanyodo are only available on the lottery application page.

In addition, since a Sanyodo website membership number is required to apply for lottery sales, you must register as a Sanyodo website member.

Click here to register as a member of the Sanyodo website.

Bic Camera

Bic Camera stores that sell Pokémon cards are those that sell toys.

Stores that do not carry toys, such as Air BicCamera located at airports, do not carry Pokémon cards.

When you check the store information on the official Bic Camera website, it is a good idea to check if “toys” are included in the list of products handled.

Bic Camera Pokemon Card Lottery Sales How to Apply

Lottery sales at Bic Camera are only available in-store.

In order to apply for the lottery, you will need a “BIC CAMERA loyalty point card with customer information registered or an official app“.

However, new cards created after the specified period cannot be used to apply for lottery sales.

Participate in the Pokémon card lottery sales at BIC CAMERA in the future


There are approximately 20,000 Aeon stores nationwide, but only “Aeon” stores handle Pokémon cards, and most stores in different business categories, such as Aeon Mall and Aeon Super Center, do not handle Pokémon cards.

Supermarkets such as Apita and Ito-Yokado in the suburbs

The toy sections of supermarkets located in the suburbs, slightly outside of urban areas, are surprisingly well-positioned, and you may be able to buy them even on the day they go on sale.

Bookoffs that do not hold lottery reservations

Book-Off stores that do not pre-order by lottery may be able to buy Pokémon card games on the day of the sale.

Book-Off is a franchise, so the method of selling trading cards differs from store to store.

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