Tenryuji (天龍寺) is the Zen sanctuary with rich history and lovely view. It is situated in Arashiyama, Kyoto. It was built up in 1339 by the primary Muromachi Shogun, Ashikaga Takauji, devoted Emperor Godaigo.

It has a wonderful Japanese garden composed by Priest Muso. The greenhouse is the first enlisted Special National Scenic Beauty furthermore enrolled as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since it was set up by first Ashikaga Takauji, Muromachi Shogun, and Zen sanctuary related with Emperor Kanmu, Tenryuji was exceedingly regarded even today.


Tenryuji is Rinzai Buddhism Temple situated in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The previous sanctuary was Danrinji Zen Temple. After it was surrendered, the majestic royal residence was developed.

In 1339, first Muromachi Shogun Ashikaga Takauji and cleric Muso built up Tenryuji to committed Emperor Godaigo. The monetary allowance of the development of this sanctuary was given by the benefit from worldwide exchanging between China. This exchange was called Tenryuji-bune. The development completed in 1344.

It was classed the highest point of Five incredible sanctuaries of Kyoto. Truly, Tenryuji was included in numerous war and lost the structures commonly. The vast majority of the structures are reproduced in Meiji Period. It was assigned as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.


Sogenchi Garden(曹源池庭園)

It is a Japanese garden with a lake. Minister Muso outlined this greenery enclosure with a lake. The view utilized Mt. Arashiyama as the foundation, and the walk encompasses a lake, Togenchi. It remains the first perspective of Muromachi Period. This greenery enclosure is additionally enrolled as the Special National Scenic Beauty, and national noteworthy Site. It has magnificent perspective with Koyo of Arashiyama amid Autumn.


Worked in 1899. The Daruma painting of Kuri is extremely celebrated and the image of Tenryuji. It speak to Zen.

Hojo(方丈) fundamental lobby

Worked in 1899. It is the biggest working in Tenryuji. The vital picture of Tenryuji was put here. It was made in late Heian Period.

Hyakkaen Garden

Blossom gardens situated at northern sanctuary. There are numerous lovely opportune blossoms. It prompts north leave where additionally prompts the well known bamboo walk and Sagano zone.

Official Web Site:http://www.tenryuji.com/index.html

Admission for garden: 500 yen for adult, 300 yen for under junior, free for kids.
Open: 8:30 to 17:30 (Last entry 17:00)


from JR Kyoto Station,take JR Sanin Line to Saga Arashiyama station.


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