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Yongfuji Temple is the next door to Sekoji Temple, the tenth temple. This temple, built in 1181, is called “Joryusan Rinshoin Yongbokji Temple”, but is often called “Tako Yakushido”. Due to the temple’s spirituality and the various stories of excellence, there was a constant stream of worshipers, and the alley leading to the temple became known as “Tako Yakushi-do”. In addition to the statue of the Buddha, the temple also houses two octopus models. The octopus models are called “touch yakushi”. It is said that if one is physically or mentally ill, one should touch it with one’s left hand and it will absorb the illness and heal the seeker.

In Yongfu Temple, we went down the mountain to go around the various temples, the view is beautiful, it is built on the mountain, different halls are located in different parts of the mountain. At the first temple, we met a cute little cat, who, like a psychic, led us from this temple to the back door on the way to the main hall. The view there was also very charming, and the color of the spring actually showed different colors in different layers. Looking from the top of the hill, the different trees growing in layers were extra nice.

Yongfu Temple is definitely a stunning stroke. The quietness and solemnity of the entrance with the peace of mind made me love it at first sight, everything here is quiet. Quietly standing on the side of the road, the stone sculpture of a small bhikkhu, quietly growing ancient trees and bamboo forest, quiet mountain gate, temple gate, quiet lights and Buddha statues. The Buddha’s words by the roadside: the situation comes without rejection, the situation goes without staying, everything goes with the flow, one can be free, and to let go is to be liberated. My little selfishness was once again appeased, I asked myself to let go, the road sign I happened to see asked me to let go, the hand of the Buddha statue in the temple guided me to let go, why did I cling to it.

Kyoto Eifukuji Temple Access Information

The intersection of Takotsubo Yakushiton and Shin-Kyogoku-Ton.

(1)5 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Railway
(2)10 minutes on foot from Shijo Station on the Keihan Railway
(3)5 minutes on foot from Shijo Kawaramachi Station on the city bus.

Kyoto Eifukuji Temple Ticket Prices


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Eifukuji Temple, Higashibata-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-0000, Japan


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