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What’s about Osaka Ousho?

Osaka Ohsho is a gyoza (dumpling) chain operated by Eat & Holdings Co.
It operates 470 stores, including 35 overseas (as of February 2021).
Osaka Ohsho opened its first store in Kyobashi, Osaka in 1969, two years after Gyoza no Ohsho.

Compared to Gyoza Ohsho, Osaka Ohsho offers a more youth-oriented menu, and its lineup is characterized by Chinese cuisine with a twist rather than authentic Chinese food.
The design of the store is also changing with the times, and it is said to be an “evolving long-established restaurant.

What’s the difference between Osaka Ousho and Gyoza no Ousho?

It is a well-known story that the founder of Osaka Ohsho is actually a relative of Gyoza no Ohsho, and that Osaka Ohsho became independent from Gyoza no Ohsho in the form of a goodwill split.

At first, Osaka Ohsho used the name “Gyoza no Ohsho” to increase its business performance, but it was sued for opening a restaurant in Kyoto Prefecture, which is in Gyoza no Ohsho’s business area, and in December 1985, the restaurant changed its name to “Osaka Ohsho”.

In fact, there are stores that look similar to Gyoza no Ohsho and Osaka Ohsho, so there are a surprisingly large number of people who enter the stores by mistake.

Yaki gyoza and rice set

Gyoza for one person

Compared to Gyoza Ousho, I have the impression that the skin is crispier.

Of course, the baking process may differ slightly from store to store.

Chinese-style fried rice with meat and vegetables

The main ingredients are meat and cabbage, and the quantity of ingredients is plentiful!
Fried egg rice is topped with a heaping portion of stir-fried meat and vegetables.
It is filled with pork.
It is flavored with soy sauce and garlic.
The seasoning is not as strong as expected, but the perfect concentration.
Fried cabbage, chives, carrots, and pork.

It’s so yummy!
The cabbage is sweet and very delicious.
The soy sauce sauce is so thick that the cabbage is the main ingredient in this vegetable dish.
The tender pork comes out one after another, and the cabbage is stir-fried to perfection.
The hardness of the fried cabbage is perfect.

It was very hearty and delicious.

Chicken Fried Rice

This is “Chicken Chan”, the soul food of the people of Gifu Prefecture, which is stir-fried chicken and cabbage seasoned with soy sauce and miso, arranged in the “Osaka Osho” style.

The new menu item is a dish of fried rice topped with a generous portion of chicken and vegetables such as cabbage stir-fried in a special sauce blended with garlic miso and soy sauce, and topped with “egg fried rice”.

Stir-fried Fried Noodles

The noodles are thick and sticky type!

The sauce is perfectly intertwined with the noodles.

Fluffy Bean-curd Tenshindon with Bean Sprouts

The fluffy, thick egg and bean-paste go well together.
It was so delicious that I ate it up in one sitting.

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