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About kura sushi

This kura sushi restaurant is famous for its innovative use of high-tech touch-screen ordering machines and computer monitoring of ingredients. Not only in Japan, but also in the United States and Taiwan have also opened branches, is a sushi restaurant actively expanding business!

There is no gimmicky gimmick in the evaluation of the 100 sushi rotation in terms of vinegared rice and ingredients, but there are special services in the peripheral services that are different from other chains, such as a protective cover for each plate of sushi on the rotation tray to ensure the hygiene of the ingredients, or the five empty plates that are collected after eating sushi and put them into the hole in front of the seat (only plates, do not throw garbage) can play twister on the ordering machine, etc., so that The idea of satisfying food and having fun has captured the hearts of many young families.




When it comes to sushi, think tuna! And when we think of tuna, we think chutoro! The flavor of tuna and just the right amount of fat make it everyone’s favorite sushi item, number 4 on the Ace list.

The price is not cheap among conveyor-belt sushi restaurants. The damage if it is not delicious is also great, so after careful ranking, the order of best chutoro sushi was: No. 1 Sushiro, No. 2 Hama-zushi, and No. 3 Kura-zushi!



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