How to get to Yomiuri Land

About Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land is an amusement park with a history spanning more than 50 years, straddling Inagi City, Tokyo and Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to a wide variety of attractions, the park is also popular for its annual large-scale illumination.

Yomiuri Land is an amusement park that can be accessed from the sky by taking the gondola “Sky Shuttle” from the nearest station. The attractions include “Bandit,” a high-speed coaster with repeated ups and downs, “Loop Coaster MOMOnga,” Japan’s first standing coaster, “Giant Ferris Wheel,” which boasts the highest elevation in the Tokyo metropolitan area, “Merry-Go-Round Dog,” which utilizes the original character “Land Dog,” and “Wandet,” an amusement ride that takes riders on a journey through a world of adventure. Land Dog” and “Wandet,” which utilize the original “Land Dog” character.
In the summer, “Pool WAI” is open, offering a resort-like atmosphere in Tokyo, with five pools and three types of slides that are very popular.

How to get there

By train: Keio Yomiuri Land Station → 5-10 minutes by gondola “Sky Shuttle” or 5 minutes by Odakyu Bus
Get off at Yomiuriland-mae Station →10 min. by Odakyu Bus

By car/ From Shinjuku area/ From Shinjuku area, take Metropolitan Expressway Route 4 → Chuo Expressway → Direct connection at Inagi I.C. → Approx. 2 km from Inagi Ohashi Bridge
From Hachioji/ Chuo Expressway → Exit at Fuchu Smart I.C. and drive about 2 km from Inagi Ohashi Bridge or about 5 km from Chofu I.C.


I like the winter lights. I look forward to it every year.
We entered at around 4:00 in the evening. It gets darker and darker, and the scenery is fantastic. Even if you don’t go on the rides, you can see street performances for free and buy wine at the store. You can have fun.
I wanted to go on the rides, but there was a long line for all of them. I could have spent a leisurely time with just an admission ticket.


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