How to get to Tokyo Sky Tree

About Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree was born in 2012 as a new landmark in Tokyo. It is the tallest radio tower in the world at 634 meters. Tokyo Skytree Town, which spreads out around the Tokyo Skytree, includes commercial facilities, a planetarium, and an aquarium, and is very popular among tourists of all ages, both men and women, and from Japan and abroad.

How to get there

To access Tokyo Skytree by train, the nearest stations are “Tokyo Skytree Station” on the Tobu Skytree Line or “Oshiage (Skytree-mae) Station” on the Hanzomon Line.

Oshiage (Skytree-mae) Station is also served by the Keikyu Line, the Toei Asakusa Line, and the Keisei Narita Sky Access Line. If you want to go from the airport by train, this is also convenient.

Official web page

Opening hours

0800-2200 Open all year round


There are two types of tickets for the Skytree, the “Skywatch Deck” (TEMBO DECK 350m) and the “Skywatch Gallery” (TEMBO GALLERIA 450m).
Among them, there are “same-day ticket” and “designated date ticket” (the former buy the ticket and wait in line for the number, while the latter can go at a designated time)

How to buy

Same day tickets for the Sky Deck are available at Skytree 4F, and tickets for designated dates are available on the website.
Skywatch Lounge tickets are purchased on the Skywatch Deck level (so you can decide on the spot whether to go up or not)

A ticket is required to climb the observation deck of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Please note that you need to buy a ticket for each of the observation deck and observation corridor. There are two types of tickets: same-day tickets and tickets sold over the Internet.

[Same-day tickets]
Same-day tickets to the TEMBO DECK can be purchased at the Ticket Counter on the 4th floor.
The price is 2060 yen for adults, 1540 yen for junior and senior high school students, 930 yen for elementary school students, and 620 yen for children 4-5 years old.

-Prospect Corridor
Same-day tickets to the Prospect Corridor can be purchased at the Ticket Counter on the TEMBO DECK, but not at the 4F Ticket Counter.
Admission is 1030 yen for adults, 820 yen for junior high and high school students, 510 yen for elementary school students, and 310 yen for children 4-5 years old.

*Both cash and credit cards are accepted.
*Sales hours are 8:00 – 21:00
Tickets to the TEMBO DECK can be purchased at the ticket counter on the 4th floor.
Ticket to TEMBO DECK can be purchased at the ticket counter on the 4th floor, and ticket to TEMBO Kairo can be purchased at the ticket counter on the TEMBO DECK.

[Purchase on the Internet].
Tickets can be purchased from 2 days to 2 months prior to the scheduled visit date by selecting the date and time. Even if you cannot visit on the specified date, you can make a transfer anytime within 29 days. Please note that prices for online reservations vary depending on the time.

-Observation deck
Adults 2100 yen, Junior and senior high school students 1600 yen, Elementary school students 1000 yen, 4-5 year olds 700 yen
Adults 2,600 yen, Junior high and high school students 2,100 yen, Children 1,400 yen, 4-5 years old 1,000 yen

-Set Ticket
This is a special ticket that allows you to visit both the TEMBO DECK and TEMBO KAIRO.
Adults 3000yen, Junior and senior high school students 2300yen, Elementary school students 1400yen, 4-5 years old 900yen
Adults 3,600 yen, Junior and senior high school students 2,900 yen, Children 1,900 yen, 4-5 year olds 1,300 yen

(1) Credit card used to purchase tickets (2) A printout of either the “Purchase Confirmation E-mail” or “My Page Purchase History Screen” or the purchase screen on a smart phone is required to enter the venue.

Only credit cards are accepted.
*Prices are different on specific days.
*Discounts for the disabled are available.

For details on how to reserve or cancel tickets, specific days, etc., please refer to the website.

Tokyo Skytree Town

Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Solamachi, Aquarium, and Planetarium are all included in the area called “Tokyo Skytree Town”. Under the concept of “Rising East,” the area was created to inherit the spirit of craftsmanship and downtown atmosphere that has continued since the Edo period, and to create a future community where new cultures and encounters are created. It contributes to the revitalization of Tokyo’s East district through the creation of a town that is friendly to everyone, from locals and foreigners to the elderly and children.

Observation deck

Tokyo Sky Tree has two observation decks. One of them is the “Observation Deck” located at approximately 340 meters above ground level. This deck is divided into three floors, and each floor is accessed by a dedicated elevator.
The most impressive feature of “Floor 340” is the 2m x 3m glass floor. The view below is thrilling. It is also perfect for taking commemorative photos. There is also a “SKY TREE CAFE” where you can enjoy the view while eating original sweets.

Sky Restaurant 634, located on “Floor 345,” one floor above, is a Japanese restaurant that places importance on the spirit of downtown Tokyo. Enjoy a luxurious moment with a spectacular view spread out before your eyes.

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