How to get to Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit Bus Terminal

About Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit Bus Terminal

The bus terminal at the Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo Station is the JR Express Bus Terminal. It is the departure and arrival point for JR Express buses heading from Aomori in the east to Hiroshima and Shikoku in the west.

How to get there

Arrive at Tokyo Station. The bus stop is located at the “Yaesu South Exit,” but the sign to the South Exit will not appear for a while. So, first, go to the “Yaesu Central Exit”.

Follow the arrows on the sign and arrive at the Yaesu Central Exit. Then you will see a sign behind you that says “JR Express Bus Platform”. Follow it and turn right. You will see the sign “Yaesu South Exit. Follow the arrow. You have arrived at the Yaesu South Exit. Go out the exit. As soon as you step outside, you will see the JR Express Bus Terminal. There are a total of nine bus stops, and you will not know which bus you will board unless you look at the information board, so please enter this building first to confirm which bus you will board.

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Weekends and holidays are especially crowded, so please allow plenty of time for your visit!

From the Marunouchi Line platform at Tokyo Station to the Tokyo Yaesu Bus Terminal, the author was able to access the terminal in 11 minutes and 1 second!


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