How to learn Japanese Shinkansen ! Learn how to buy tickets, type, seat

When you want to travel quickly and comfortably, or when you are moving long distances in Japan, the Shinkansen is the most frequent. Shinkansen allows you to travel around in an unexpectedly short time, and you can sit comfortably in a clean and comfortable position to relax.

If you want to take the Shinkansen, you must first buy a ticket, but you must first understand the type of ticket for the Shinkansen before you buy it.

Shinkansen seat type

The seats of the Shinkansen are divided into three types: designated seats, free seats, and green cars. Here is a brief introduction of the differences:

Reserved seat

The reserved seats need to be booked in advance, so don’t worry about no location. This method is most recommended if you have decided on your ride and ride time and want to ride easily and without pressure.

Unreserved seat

Most of the Shinkansens, from the front of the car, the first three cars (each Shinkansen is not the same) are almost free seats. You can choose a seat in the free-seat special compartment, and the fare is a little cheaper (about 500 yen) than the regular seat. During the peak year of the year-end, Golden Week, etc., there may be no place to sit, and you must stand all the way.

Green car

The Tohoku Shinkansen, etc., there is no sale of free seats, only designated seats, remember to confirm the time you want to board in advance. In addition, the number of seats in green cars is small, and the price is thousands of yen more than the designated seats. However, the seat is wider than the average seat and you can enjoy your time.

Shinkansen ticket type

Tickets for Shinkansen are divided into two types: ticket and express coupon. In short, the ticket is a ticket necessary for moving between the station and the station, and the coupon is a ticket for a special express train.

Unlike the general travel PASS, when you purchase a one-way ticket such as Shinkansen or other express trains, there will be two tickets for the ticket and the express coupon. (Sometimes it will be assembled into one.) As shown in the photo, when the staff members check in the ticket, they will take out the ticket and the coupon for 2 tickets.

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