How to get to Otowa Waterfall

About Otowa Waterfall

Located at the back of Kiyomizu Temple, at the foot of Mount Onyasu, the spring runs all year round and is one of the top ten most famous waters in Japan, thus making Kiyomizu Temple an important place in the hearts of the Japanese. The spring is divided into three streams, representing longevity, love and wisdom (or longevity, health and wisdom, as some say) from right to left, and the drinker must choose one of the streams and drink it all in one go, otherwise the effect diminishes.

It is located at the back of Kiyomizu Temple and there are many legends about the spring here. Some say it can help people grow in wisdom, longevity and love, but of course you can only ask for one of them at a time for a blessing.

In Kiyomizu Temple, there are three clear springs to experience

How to get there

From JR Kyoto Station, take city bus 206 bound for Higashiyama-dori Kitaoji Bus Terminal, alight at Gojozaka and walk 10 minutes.

Opening hours

All year round


1-294 Shimizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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