How to get to Museum Meiji Village

About Museum Meiji Village

This theme park where some buildings from the Meiji period are planned together. There are fewer people and the air is better.

How to get there

20 minutes by bus from Meitetsu Inuyama Station. Direct express buses are also available from Nagoya and Sakae Stations.

1 Aza-Uchiyama, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture


Quite like the place. Tickets are not cheap, but the place is big and you can play for a long time. It’s like a combination of a museum and a big park. There is a lake nearby, and you can look out over the lake near Natsume Soseki’s former residence. It is beautiful in spring. There is also a small train inside. There are various buildings from the Meiji period, some of which are quite beautiful. Take a bus from Inuyama Station

It is said to be the Japanese way of preserving buildings – tearing them down and replacing them with new ones; there are many restored buildings from the Meiji period inside, so those who are interested in related history can visit them; they meet many students who are on a school trip, so this place is considered a Japanese patriotic education base.

A theme park of all kinds of buildings, very interesting, especially for people who love to take pictures! The introduction to the Meiji era is also good, the park sightseeing car, but walking is actually okay, experience activities are also a lot, basically Japanese people go, not many national people.

The park covers an area of 1 million square feet, the place is very large, play down to take half a day, Nagoya in the past there are high-speed bus. There are many Meiji-era buildings in the park that have been panned from all over Japan, which is quite impressive. It’s not a spot with a lot of tourists, and I liked that. I bought a combined ticket with Inuyama Castle tickets, which was slightly cheaper, but when I entered the park, I couldn’t find a ticket inspector. I’m sure there are many things in the island that depend on self-awareness ha~ If you have enough time, it’s still recommended to visit.

Meiji Village is a collection of old buildings from the Meiji period in the 19th century. All of the old buildings in Meiji Village were removed and moved from all over Japan.

The original buildings were torn down and rebuilt, which is very historical.


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