How to get to Kasuga mountain Primeval Forest

About Kasuga mountain Primeval Forest

Walking through this ancient forest next to the main viewing point was the most enjoyable activity of our stay in Nara. It was a nice counterpoint to the bustling Nara Park, which is filled with these semi-tame deer and flocks of tourists wandering around the temple. There are deer here too (perhaps the park’s deer come from here), but they won’t come near you and ask for cookies.

How to get there

Take the JR Nishinihon Kansai Main Line or Sakurai Line and get off at Nara Station, then transfer to Nara Kotsu Bus (direction Kasuga Taisha Honden) and get off at Kasuga Taisha Honden Station, then walk to the station;

Take the Nara Kotsu Bus (City Loop Line) and get off at Kasuga Taisha Omotesando Station, then walk to the bus stop;

40-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station and JR Nara Station


Please wear sneakers …… that day for aesthetic wear princess shoes, almost can not go down the mountain, because many roads are gravel roads, also have steps. But this place must be recommended, need to come early, or 5 o’clock the sun went down on the bad.

Although the original forest is not very large, but the vegetation is very well protected, the sky trees can be seen everywhere, some love the quiet deer hiding deep in the dense forest, some are dying, may want to find a final home it. In the late spring or autumn, if there is such a natural place, life will suddenly become a lot of fresh ah.

That’s why the mountain and forest where Kasuga Taisha is located is called Kasuga Mountain Primeval Forest. It’s superb! When I went there just after a heavy rain, the ground is full of green moss, a little sunlight hit, it is very bright, especially beautiful. The trees are very high and dense, from time to time encounter a large spider, the kind of web. But it’s really beautiful. There are also beautiful little bugs. And before entering the mountain there was a small stream that was flowing, fulfilling all my fantasies about the forest!


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