How to get to Kiso River

About Kiso River

Kiso River, the seventh largest river in Japan, is known as the “Rhine River of Japan”.

How to get there

12 minutes walk south from Shinkisogawa Station


It is said that the Kiso River is beautiful during the cherry blossom season, especially the section to Inuyama Castle, but unfortunately it was June when I went there, so I couldn’t see it. If you want to see a panoramic view of the Kiso River, it is recommended to climb Inuyama Castle, and it is really worthwhile to climb to the top and overlook Inuyama Castle and the Kiso River. I think I saw that there is an event in Kiso River in June, but I forget what it is. In addition, you can also watch cormorant fishing, so if you have time and interest, you can learn about it!

A river that flows through Inuyama City. Along this river, you can go to the Silent Light Institute and Inuyama Castle. It is good for strolling along the river and taking in the fresh air.

Kiso River is a river in central Honshu, Japan. It originates in Nagano Prefecture and flows through Gifu, Aichi, and Mie Prefectures, finally flowing into the Pacific Ocean at Ise Bay. It is called the “Rhine River” of Japan, but I don’t know how it is described.
The Kiso River in Aichi Prefecture and the famous Inuyama Castle are located along the river, and you can reach Inuyama Castle by walking along the river from Inuyama Yurien Station.


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