How to get to Kaike Hot Spring

About Kaike Hot Spring

Kaike Onsen is located in Yonago City at the western end of Tottori Prefecture, adjacent to Shimane Prefecture, and is a seaside hot spring resort facing the Sea of Japan. It was first discovered by a fisherman in 1900, and although it does not have a long history, more than 30 tourist inns, hotels, and public lodging establishments with a capacity of 4,500 people have gathered within a 1 km area from east to west and 0.4 km from north to south immediately adjacent to the hot springs, making it the largest hot spring resort in the Sanin region.

There are 19 sources of hot springs in Kaike, with a gushing volume of 4,456.5 liters per minute, and the temperatures range from 63 degrees Celsius to 83 degrees Celsius. The quality of the springs is sodium and calcium chloride, which is useful for treating neuralgia, rheumatism, chronic skin diseases, chronic gynecological diseases and other diseases. The spring water of Kaike Onsen springs comes from the sea, and the saline hot spring water is also very popular among women because of its skin-beautifying effects.

There is also a Kaike Onsen Shrine in the hot spring area, which is said to bless people with good health and family happiness, and is often visited by many men and women.

How to get there

20 minutes by bus from Yonago Station


Snow kept us stuck in the inn. Thanks to this, I was able to enjoy the natural hot spring water that gushes out from the sea. The sea is right in front of the inn. Although we were not blessed with one of the 100 best sunsets and sunrises, the rough waves coming in from the Sea of Japan in the midst of a snowstorm were a sight to behold.


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