【Sightseeing】Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho onsen (伊香保温泉) is the hot spring spot in Gunma. Like Kusatsu, it is extremely mainstream spot for Onsen in Gunma.

Around the hot spring, there are numerous lodgings which use the Hot spring water. There are numerous vacation spots in this Onsen town.

Particularly, around the stone stairs, numerous inns, spas, eateries and excitements you can appreciate. This stone stairs were inherent the war period, sixteenth century. Ikaho Onsen has extraordinary harvest time tints.


This hot spring is noted in Japanese mythology “Manyoushu” which is the principal composed book in Japan. Along these lines, this range has around 2000 years of history. The town was worked around 1575 by Takeda. The stone stairs situated amidst the town were really worked at this point.


The hot spring water is low temperature and very little contain the recuperating material. In any case, there are numerous lodgings and eateries around this hot spring. In this way, Ikaho is still exceptionally well known travel spots.

The majority of inns has hot spring spa, however there are additionally open shower which utilize the hot spring water. Along these lines, you can visit this town only for hot spring.


In the fall, you can appreciate incredible pre-winter tints in Ikaho. There is wonderful light up for that.

Access to Ikaho Onsen

1. use JR Agatsuma line to Shibukawa (14 min.)

2. use local bus to Ikaho (20 min.)


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