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Shima Onsen (四万温泉) is one of Onsen resorts of Gunma prefecture. There are 43 Onsen springs in Shima.

One of the extraordinary element of Onsen water of Shima is that you can drink this Onsen Water. Shima Onsen is encompassed by wonderful mountains with numerous superb waterfalls.

The Onsen Town protected the look of right on time Showa taste with exemplary Onsen Entertainments.


Shima scholarly means 40,000. It was named in light of the fact that individuals trusted that the water of Shima Onsen cures 40,000 sorts of infections.

Shima Onsen was found more than 1,000 years prior, and Onsen Town was set up around the center of sixteenth century. In this way, Shima Onsen considered as one of the most seasoned Onsen Town in Japan.


Free Public Onsen

They are available from 9am to 3pm.

Gomuso Onsen is situated alongside Yakushido Temple. This Onsen is the origination of Shima Onsen. There is likewise Foot Onsen.

Kawara no Yu is found right by Shima waterway. Kawara scholarly means riverside.

Kaminoyu is found southern Shima Onsen. Since it is situated outside of the focal point of Onsen Town, it is peaceful.

Yamaguchi Open Air Onsen is likewise found southern territory of Shima Onsen. There are 4 unique temperatures of Onsen. The changing areas are isolated by men and ladies, however Onsen themselves are imparted to both men and ladies.

Waterfalls of Shima Onsen

Maya Falls: the most acclaimed waterfalls in Shima Onsen.

Ogura Falls

Koizumi Falls

Syakunage Falls

Momotaro Falls


… is the most seasoned Onsen Hotel in Japan. It was set up in 1694. It is assigned as the essential social properties of Gunma Prefecture.


Access to Shima Onsen

1. use local bust to Shima Onsen (40 min.)
or, 3 hours from Tokyo Station by direct bus

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