How to get to Beppu Hot Springs

About Beppu Hot Springs

Beppu Hot Springs is located in Beppu Prefecture, Japan. Beppu has a rich and colorful geothermal phenomenon that few places in the world can match. The city of Beppu is located in northeastern Kyushu and is home to more than 3,500 hot springs, geysers and vents, which are fissures that emit gases, especially steam, totaling more than 55,000 cubic meters of water per day, which is a sign of recent volcanic activity; in fact, the city of Beppu is located at the base of a volcanic debris hillside, and there are a few volcanoes in the vicinity, which are not active at the present time.

The most spectacular eruptions in Beppu come from “Jigoku”, a “sea hell” that maintains a 98°C temperature all year round, where one can see the iron-sulfur-rich spring water, which glows a glazed blue under the sunlight, almost making one forget that this is “Jigoku”; this is a “hell”; in fact, the city of Beppu is located at the base of a volcanic debris slope with several nearby volcanoes that are not active at the moment. Even though there are many famous hot springs in Japan, Beppu easily enjoys the reputation as the “Kingdom of Hot Springs”; in Beppu, in addition to the “Jigoku” scenic spots, there are also the famous “Hachiyu”.

In Beppu, in addition to the “Jigoku” scenic spots, there are also the famous “Hachiyu” (eight hot springs) of Teiran, Kamegawa, Beppu, Shibaishi, Akira, Horita, Hamakyo, and Kankaiji, where the water from each of these springs is of different qualities and has different healing effects.

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How to get there

By train
To get to JR Beppu Station, which is served by the Nippo Main Line, transfer at Kokura Station of JR Kyushu to the “Sonic” or “Nichirin” limited express train, which takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. From Oita Airport, it takes about 50 minutes one way by airport shuttle bus.

By car
It takes about 50 minutes from Oita Airport to Beppu Station via Oita Airport Road. To access Beppu Onsen-kyo by car, get off at the Beppu IC of the Oita Expressway. From the exit, proceed in the direction of Oita and Hinode to Shibaseki, Kannawa, Myoban, and Kamegawa Onsen. If you proceed in the direction of Jojima Kogen and Beppu City, you can access Hotta, Kankaiji, Beppu, and Hamawaki Onsen.


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