How to get to Kagoshima Port Ferry Terminal

About Kagoshima Port Ferry Terminal

This ferry terminal is the entrance to the Sakurajima side of the island. The terminal building is newer and cleaner than the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal on the Kagoshima side.

How to get there

The following is how to get from Kagoshima Chuo Station to the Sakurajima Ferry Pier.

By cab
By Kagoshima City Tram
By local bus
By Sightseeing Area Tour Bus

How to get to Sakurajima Ferry Pier by Kagoshima City Tram
Time required: about 23 minutes (Train Adults: 170 yen, Elementary school students and under: 80 yen)

Exit from the Sakurajima Exit (East Exit) of Kagoshima Chuo Station
Walk to there.

How to get to Sakurajima Ferry Pier by local bus
Time required: about 22 minutes (bus adult: 190 yen)

Take the Sakurajima Exit (East Exit) of Kagoshima Chuo Station.
Walk to【East 5, East 6】at the East Exit (about 2 minutes)
Take the Kagoshima City Bus 【16th line, in front of the Aquarium
Get off at the 7th stop (Aquarium-mae) (about 19 minutes)
Enter Sakurajima Ferry Terminal in front of you (about 1 minute)

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Please choose the method of getting to the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal from Kagoshima Chuo Station that suits you best, depending on various conditions such as time, whether or not you can afford the transportation fee, and your mood that day.


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