How to get to Greenland Amusement Park (Kyushu)

About Greenland Amusement Park (Kyushu)

Greenland is an amusement park located in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture. It is known as a place where visitors can enjoy various attractions such as roller coasters and merry-go-rounds.

The “Giant Ferris Wheel Rainbow” is 100 meters in diameter and 105 meters high, and its gondolas are 360° see-through. The gondolas are 360° see-through, and at night they are illuminated with full-color LED lights. The “Water Park,” which is open during the summer, offers eight pool areas. The park also offers several restaurants, take-out stores, and gift stores.

Access to Greenland is approximately 12 minutes by bus from JR Arao Station.

Everything for fun is here! is the concept of Greenland Resort’s amusement park.
The biggest attraction of this amusement park is that it has 81 different attractions, including “Rainbow,” the symbol of Greenland, the Giant Ferris Wheel!
From screaming machines to family attractions and games, children and adults alike will never get bored of playing around all day long.
There are also a variety of seasonal events such as illumination and stamp rally, so you can enjoy yourself any time of the year.
With a wide variety of restaurants offering everything from light meals to full meals, and a rich lineup of stores selling character goods and fashionable sundries, this is a facility that will satisfy people of all ages.

How to get there

(1)25 minutes from the Minamiseki IC and Kikusui IC of the Kyushu Expressway
(2)Approximately 20 minutes by bus bound for Greenland from Omuta Station on the Nishi-Nippon Railway Tenjin-Omuta Line or JR Kagoshima Line


It was during Golden Week, but I was glad to be able to ride the rides without standing in line too long.
I think it is a place that can be enjoyed by both small children and adults.
I would like to take my children there again.

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