How to get to Biei,Shikisai no mound

About Biei,Shikisai no mound

Biei is located in the middle of Hokkaido. It is halfway between Asahikawa City and Furano City. From the sloping wilderness of Daisetsuzan National Park’s Tokachi Mountain Range to the hilly terrain of the remote slopes, Biei’s unique natural scenery is created.

The park covers an area of 676.78 square kilometers, about the size of Tokyo’s 23 wards, and more than 70% of it is forested.

How to get there

Take the JR Furano Line from Asahikawa (about 9 stations, 33 minutes) to Biei, and then walk to each scenic spot according to the tourist guide.


If you need to rent a bicycle, you can get off at Biei Station by JR and turn left at the Matsuura store.


The first attraction, the most impressive, a blanket of snow, standing a pine tree.

The second attraction, blue sky, blanket of snow, a house, lonely and pure

The third attraction, the recreation ground

The fourth attraction, a road, is a common road in our northeastern countryside

Here there is a small pavilion, hidden in a forest, quiet and mysterious feeling. Unfortunately, the museum was closed that day, only in the surrounding activities. It’s really a photo mecca, and there is a snowy field behind the Takushinkan. In Biei, the grass and the sky are in my blood.

Grass, mountains, rivers and the sky

have entered my blood.

At this moment, I am waiting for them to

I am waiting for them to take effect.


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