Access to Sapporo Clock Tower

Sapporo Clock Tower is a historical building located at Kita 1-jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido. It is an Important Cultural Property. Its official name is “Former Sapporo Agricultural College Demonstration Hall”. It is now commonly known as “Sapporo Clock Tower” or simply “Clock Tower” and has become a popular tourist attraction.

The two-story building houses a museum. The first floor exhibits materials and photo panels introducing the history of the clock tower, as well as video commentary and a large scale model of the Sapporo Agricultural College period. In the evening, concerts and lectures are held here.

How to get to the Sapporo Clock Tower

The address of the clock tower is Kita 1-jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo.
It really stands in the center of Sapporo.

It may be difficult to find it at first because it stands in the middle of the building district.
The surrounding buildings are quite tall.

The nearest stations are JR Sapporo Station and Odori Subway Station.

If you go from JR Sapporo Station

The distance from JR Sapporo Station is about 1 km.
Basically, the road to the clock tower is a straight line, so you can get there without getting lost.

There are three ways to get there

  • Bus: Buses depart from bus stops 2-5 of the Sapporo Station Bus Terminal.
    Take the JR bus departing from bus stop No. 2-5 of the Sapporo Station Bus Terminal and get off at the Clock Tower stop. If you pay in cash, the fare is 100 yen for adults.
  • Cab: 1 meter (670 yen). There is a cab stand at the south exit of Sapporo Station.
  • On foot・・・There is a 10-minute walk.

How would locals get there?

They go on foot.

It’s not as far as a sensible ride.

Besides, to get on a bus, they need to find a place to get on, and it takes time to wait for the bus to come.
take time to wait for the bus to come. If you walk in the meantime, you will get there.

If you want to go on foot, go out the east ticket gate (ESTA side) of Sapporo Station
Go out from the South Exit. Go south a little and you will see a building diagonally to the left
Walk toward the building of “Kani Honke” on your left diagonally.

Walk straight past the Kani Honke building and you will see the clock tower on your left.
How do you like it? It is very easy to get there.

When going from Odori Subway Station

It is closer from Odori Subway Station than from Sapporo Station.

In the underground mall, a sign hanging from the ceiling reads “For Clock Tower.
Follow the sign.

Take the “Shiyakusho side” exit and it is a 5-minute walk.


Clock Tower can be reached from either Sapporo Station or Odori Station.
It takes less than 10 minutes on foot from either Sapporo Station or Odori Station.

There are also restaurants nearby where you can have a delicious lunch.
Please enjoy your visit to the Clock Tower. We hope you will have a great time in Sapporo.

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