How to buy limited express Shiosai ticket.explanation of usage fees and advantageous discount tickets

Limited Express Shiosai is the train from Tokyo Station via the Sobu Main Line to Choshi in the Boso Peninsula

This train connects Choshi from Tokyo in less than two hours each way.

There are many discount tickets that can be used as a limited express train in Kanto, so if you use Shiosai, it is better to use discount tickets!

This time, we will explain the stops and rates of this limited express Shiosai and discount tickets.

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Limited express Shiosai stop

The express Shiosai stop stations are as follows.

・ Tokyo
・ Kinshicho
* Funabashi
・ Chiba
* Yotsukaido
・ Sakura (Sakura)
・ Yachimata (Yachimata)
・ Naruto
・ Yokoshiba
・ Yokaichi Market (Yokaichiba)
・ Asahi
・ Iioka
・ Choshi

* Some trains stop at the station.

The time required for the main section is as follow.

  • Tokyo-Chiba: about 30 minutes
    Tokyo-Naruto: About 1 hour and 10 minutes
    Tokyo-Choshi: About 1 hour and 50 minutes

The limited express Shiosai at Tokyo Station departs from the Sobu Line (Yokosuka Line) platform.

Be careful of the transfer time as it is a little farther from the platform on other routes.

Limited express Shiosai formation and fee

Shiosai is a 9-car train with three seats: unreserved seats, reserved seats, and green cars.

Basically, unreserved seats are car 1 and car 6 to car 9; reserved seats are cars 2, 3, and 5; and green car is car 4.

However, some trains have only one reserved seat or no green car.

When you purchase a reserved ticket, pay attention to the train organization.

The rates for the main sections are as follows. (Lower row is limited express only)

from Tokyo unreserved seat reserved seat green car
Chiba 1,170yen
Naruto 2,290yen
Choshi 3,670yen

From Chiba unreserved seat reserved seat green car
Choshi 2,470yen

* Reserved seats are for regular periods.

Express bus fare is 200 yen extra during busy season and 200 yen off during off season.

Available discount tickets

Discount tickets available for limited express trains are as follow.

  • Eknet value ticket (Eki netto tokudane ticket)
    Boso charge coupon
    Weekend pass
    Holiday Outing Pass
    Student discount

Ekinetto tokudane ticket

This one-way ticket is available from JR East’s Internet reservation service “Ekinetto” from one way.

The set section is 35% discount for “Tokyo-Sakura, Yachimata, Naruto, Yoka Market, Asahi”.

40% discount (2,510 yen one way) for “Tokyo-Choshi”. * Fares include tickets and limited express fares.

The discount rate is the highest as a discount ticket.

However, since the number of seats is limited, we recommend that you purchase as soon as possible when your schedule is decided.

Boso coupon tickets

The Boso coupon tickets is a four-spell coupon that can be used for a limited express Shiosai.

There are two types of coupons: unreserved seats and reserved seats. The expiration date is one month from purchase.

Express fare is reduced by 30% to 40% for both reserved and unreserved seats.

However, this coupon is an express ticket only for the express fare, and the ticket must be prepared separately.

In addition, if you purchase a single piece of bulk ticket, This will be purchased at a voucher shop or auction site.

Although this is inferior to a discount ticket including a ticket when viewed at a discount rate, it is possible to use it for round trip use by two people or use it together by four people.

Weekend pass

Weekend passes are free tickets only for weekends and holidays.

Although this is expensive at 8,880 yen per person, the entire area from Tokyo to Choshi where the limited express Shiosai runs is a free area.

Weekend passes are discount local train tickets, so you need to purchase an express ticket separately.

* The above-mentioned Boso coupons can also be used for limited express tickets.

The expiration date is two days, so this is a recommended ticket for staying and visiting from afar.

Please note that the weekend pass must be purchased the day before the start of use. * Cannot be purchased on the day

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