How to book Seibu Railway’s Limited express train Laview from Ikebukuro

What is Laview?

“Laview”, which appeared as a successor to Seibu Railway’s flagship “Limited Express Red Arrow”

From the innovative design that is completely different from conventional express trains, some vehicles have been calling for a big topic, with some saying “cool” and some saying “uncool”.

This limited express Laview is used as a limited express train connecting Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu, just like the conventional limited express red arrow.

This time, I will explain the stop station, the fare, how to reserve a ticket, etc.

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1、Limited express Laview stop

There are two types of limited express Laviews: the Chichibu-go for access to Chichibu and the Musashi-go for section driving.

The Chichibu-go is a train that connects Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu.

  • Ikebukuro
    Iruma City
    Seibu Chichibu

If you want to access the Chichibu area, it is better to use this “Chichibu-go”.

On the other hand, “Musashi-go” runs between Ikebukuro and Hanno.
The stop on the way is the same as the Chichibu-go.

Please note that “Musashi-go” does not go to Seibu Chichibu.

The time required for the main section is as follows

  • Ikebukuro-Chichibu: about 1 hour 20 minutes
    Ikebukuro-Hanno: about 40 minutes
    Ikebukuro-Tokorozawa: About 22 minutesIt takes less than an hour and a half to get from Ikebukuro to Chichibu.

2、Express fare and fare

Limited express Laview is a limited express train that requires a special fare.

The breakdown of the total fare and the fare + express fare for the main sections is as follows.

Ikebukuro-Seibu Chichibu total1,480円
Ikebukuro-Hanno total970円
Ikebukuro-Tokorozawa total740円

Express fares are cheaper than other railway lines, and both fares and express delivery are excellent.

3、How to reserve and purchase express tickets

Limited Express Laview is a limited express train with all reserved seats.

You will not be able to get on when cars are full.

Therefore, if possible, we recommend that you purchase an express ticket in advance.

There are three ways to pre-order Red Arrow:

Regardless of the purchase method, reservations for limited express tickets are available one month before the boarding date.

When you purchase an express ticket at a station

Limited express tickets can be purchased at reserved seat ticket vending machines, limited express ticket vending machines, or train stations.

Limited express ticket vending machines are at Laview stops any station, so you can purchase an express ticket for the day from there.

If you want to reserve or purchase an express ticket for the next day or later, use a reserved seat ticket vending machine or station window outside the ticket gate.

About internet reservation

Red Arrow tickets can also be booked online.

There are only ways to book online

Ticketless service [Smooz]

For those who frequently use limited express trains, the ticketless service is recommended. For others, the Internet reservation service is recommended.

If you have booked an express ticket via internet reservation, purchase the express ticket at a ticket vending machine at least 10 minutes before departure from the train.

Application from travel agency

Red Arrow tickets can also be applied from travel agencies.

You can also purchase express tickets reserved through the Internet reservation service at an agency.

Available agencies are JTB stores.

However, because of handling fees, we recommend that you use the above internet reservation.

4、How to ride the limited express Laview

When you have completed the purchase of the express ticket, all you have to do is take the express ticket and take a ride.

The ride position of Laview is written at the foot of the platform, so let’s arrange it referring to it.

In addition, since all views are reserved seats, there is no ticket confirmation if you are sitting at the reserved seat you purchased.

However, be careful not to lose the express ticket that you purchased just in case.

5、About in-car facilities and services

The limited express Laview is an eight-car train, one more than the conventional seven-car Red Arrow (Seibu 10000 series).

Carpets are laid on the floor.

The reclining of the seat has a unique structure in which the back and armrest move in conjunction.

Each seat has a small table and a mobile outlet.

There is also a large table in front of the normal seats.

Toilets and restrooms are located in Car 1 and Car 5.

In addition, there is a women-only toilet in Car 5 in addition to the normal toilet.

By the way, “Vending machine”  is not installed in limited express Laview.

Since there is no in-car sales, drinks etc. should be purchased in advance at station platform vending machines.

Inside the car

Laview is characterized by its yellow, round seat. It fits just right, feeling as if your entire body is enveloped. The backrest is also fitted with a pillow whose position can be manually adjusted to match the height of your back.

The windows are so large that the interior of the car is open and airy.
You can enjoy a realistic view of the train windows while feeling like you are relaxing in the living room of your home.

The seats were equipped with power outlets and round tables, and the power outlets placed in each seat were convenient and helpful.

In addition, there is a space for a wheelchair in Car 1. Seibu Railway’s thoughtfulness is evident in the barrier-free features throughout the train.

Conclusion: The riding method is the same as the conventional Red Arrow!

The limited express Laview is a new type of vehicle that has appeared to replace the conventional Red Arrow.

There are no major changes in the way you ride, so make sure to purchase an express ticket before boarding.

Access to Chichibu is excellent, and the limited express fare is 700 yen between Ikebukuro and Seibu Chichibu, so why not use the limited express Laview when you go to Chichibu?

I hope this will help.

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