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Sushi Zammai purchases fresh and delicious ingredients daily from Toyosu and all over Japan and the world,
We are an authentic Edomae Sushi restaurant that offers fresh and delicious ingredients from Toyosu and all over Japan and the world at reasonable prices.
Our recommendation is the finest tuna. We use only carefully selected tuna from the oceans of the world.

For starters, I ordered the “Colorful 5-piece nigiri (rice ball) / 1,058 yen. From left to right: medium fatty tuna, sea bream, horse mackerel, squid with salmon roe, and sweet shrimp.

Let’s try it from the right side, crunching away. Yes, it is delicious! The shrimp is plump and the sweetness of the ingredients spreads. The squid is also nice. The horse mackerel has no smell and is full of fat. The sea bream is firm and whip-cracking. The chutoro (medium fatty tuna) was especially delicious. The fat is just the right amount, and the flavor is so deep that it gently melts in your mouth. As one would expect from Sushizammai, a restaurant with an established reputation for the taste of its tuna.

This is today’s recommended white shrimp and striped horse mackerel, along with Engawa. Yes, yes, it looks good again. Each of them must have a really good balance. It’s just delicious.

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