【Korea】How to purchase a KORAIL PASS

I used the Korail Pass to ride all the trains in Korea for 3 days.

Last year, there were some changes to the rules, such as the fact that the pass allowed unlimited reservations, but now you can only make reservations for two trains per day, or the fact that you no longer need to exchange the pass at the station if you purchased it online.

However, I was unable to resolve any detailed questions by looking online, so I had no choice but to actually use the system to find out for myself.

Here I will first introduce how to purchase the Colair Pass.

How to purchase a Korail Pass

Korail Pass was purchased in Japan directly from the official website of Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL).

If you see the site in English or Korean, select “Japanese” from the upper right part of the screen to view the site in Japanese.
Then, first click on “Korail Pass” and then “Reservation”.

Fill in the required information.
For “Name,” enter the same name as in your passport in roman characters.
For Password, enter a 5-digit number of your choice.
Once you have entered all of the information and checked the box to agree, click on “Reserve”.

After reviewing the contents, select Overseas Issuance, enter your credit card number, select the expiration date of your card, and click “PAYMANT”.
Then, print out the pass and your purchase is complete.
You can also print out the pass later.

This is the actual printout of the pass.
The pass I purchased was valid for 3 days and cost 138,000 won (about 13,800 yen).
I printed it out on A3 paper.
This printed out pass allows unlimited rides on Korean railroads.

How to print out your Korail Pass later

If you did not print out your Korail Pass at the time of purchase, you can still print it out later.

On the official website of the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL), click on “Korail Pass” and then “MY RESERVATION”.

Enter the e-mail address and password you registered when you purchased your Korail Pass, or the number of the Korail Pass you purchased, and click “Inquiry”.

Check the box for the pass you purchased, and click “細部内譯”.

Click “Re-ticket” to print your Korail Pass.


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