【Bath】Yuraku no Sato

What is Yuraku-no-sato?

Yuraku-no-sato boasts a spectacular view of the open-air baths, bedrock baths, and highly concentrated carbonic acid baths.

At Yuraku-no-sato, you can heal your tired body, enjoy delicious meals, and soak in the warm baths while looking up at the sky. You can also enjoy delicious meals and relax while soaking in the warm water with your eyes looking up at the sky.

I visited Yuraku-no-sato Matsudo. This place really feels like a local super public bath. You buy a ticket to enter. If you become a member, you can get a discount. You can use your card with your family.

You change your shoes at the shoe box on the first floor and go to the second floor.

Meals can also be served inside.

Rest area.

Cold Stone ice cream was also available. It looks so delicious after a bath.

The inside is a simple yet functional structure with a bathtub on the right and a washing area on the left from the center aisle, which is wide and has ample space to dwell.
The bathtubs are well-equipped with event-type baths such as vibrators, jets, and sleeping baths. The middle bathtub of white water is equipped with stones that emit ions.
In addition, a slightly warmer silk bathtub is also placed, making this bathtub ideal for a long soak.

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