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About Osaka Museum of History

The Museum of History is a tour from the upper level to the lower level. I received a pamphlet at the entrance and collected several medallions for stamping inside the museum, including those of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I could see Osaka Castle through the glass window on the highest floor, but the view was not as good as the view from the stairwell. From top to bottom, I skimmed through the history of Osaka in chronological order from ancient times to the present.

Each floor is a historical interval, and there is a high degree of reproduction of historical scenes. I liked the exhibition hall where Japanese and foreign styles collided, and the little girls in foreign clothes outside the clothing store in the hall were very cute.

One of the regrettable things about the whole museum is that the Japanese described the war of invasion as a regional war, and also passed over it, rendering the atmosphere of “the country being bullied by other countries”, without facing up to history. I visited the library on the second floor, which was very quiet, with readers carefully reading books. Outside the museum, there is a place where people can put umbrellas, and the Japanese always do a good job with such details.

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Admission to Osaka Museum of History

Jan. 1-Dec. 31 Mon.-Sun.

Adult: 600 yen

High school and college students: 400 yen

Access to Osaka Museum of History

Tanimachi 4-chome Station” of Subway Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line and Chuo Line, Exit No.2 and No.9
In front of Babamachi bus stop on Osaka City Bus

Osaka Museum of History Tips

Tickets are 600 yen for adults, 400 yen for college students and high school students, and free for middle school students and below. Hey, in Japan rarely come across discounted tickets for college students.

See the manual has underground ruins tour, the day can be registered, the registration site in the first floor into the museum door on the right hand side, there is a place like a bank window.

The narrator used an iPad to scan the QR code, through AR, to simulate the former building to explain to us, the original museum ground red dot is the location of the former six warehouses, etc., the underground remains are the remains of the former warehouses and the remains of the north and south walls, feeling that only some of the foundations remain, we both English is not very good, and finally only through the comparison, and he wrote Japanese to guess, but, the general meaning But I got the general idea, and it was worthwhile to participate in this activity. The time for the visit to the ruins is usually half an hour in advance.

After visiting the underground ruins, we went to see the exhibitions located on the 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th floors of the building. So, drink well before going upstairs.

A panoramic view of Osaka Castle Park can be seen outside the exhibition hall on the 0th floor. There is also an introduction to Osaka Castle.

9F Tour of Suijo This floor is mainly about the Honganji era, with a 1:20 model reproducing the daily life of the Namba people in the city.

8F Simulated Archaeology You can learn excavation techniques and how to observe the remains of the ruins by recreating the ruins to their original size. There are also many puzzles and other things to participate in.

There are various puzzles and restored ceramic vases to play, so it’s nice to sit and relax for a while.

On the 7th floor, the panoramic view of the main street simulates the life of the people of Osaka at that time, giving you a sense of being there.

The Osaka Museum of History is really worth a visit, and the exhibition is very carefully arranged, so that you can get a sense of the history of Osaka, an ancient city, for 1400 years in a limited space.

In addition, there are badge collections on the 10th, 9th and 7th floors, so you can collect a few badges at the entrance and have them stamped inside the museum.

The Osaka Castle is diagonally opposite the Osaka Museum of History. From the glass windows of the museum, you can see the ruins of Namba Shrine and the Osaka Castle Tenshokaku from afar. Many panoramic views of Osaka Castle are taken from here.

You can also use a one-day pass for free.

The Osaka Museum of History is a sail-shaped building located in the southwest corner of Osaka Castle Park, next to the NHK Broadcasting Center.

Take a guide map at the entrance

The museum has exhibition halls on the 7th to 10th floors, including a program where visitors can experience wearing kimonos.

The model of the palace on the top floor, which was reconstructed to scale from the original Namba Palace, is one of the museum’s “priceless treasures.

Directions: Take the elevator straight up to the 10th floor, from where you can start to see the history of Osaka. From there, you will start your tour of Osaka.

10F Ancient Hall

The Namba Palace Grand Jigoku Hall from the Nara period stands. In the scaled-down space, vermilion-painted columns with a diameter of 70 are placed side by side, and the civil and military officials are arranged neatly. At the same time, a large screen introduces court ceremonies in an easy-to-understand manner.

The full view of Osaka Castle can be seen from the window

9F Touring the Water Castle

In the Edo period section, you can enjoy the scenery of Mizusuku Castle with Naniwa-ya, a puppet from the Joruri play, as your guide, and see the vibrant daily life of the Namba people in a 1:20 miniature reproduction of the town.

(No photos are allowed, so there are no photos)

8F Challenge Archaeology

Perfect for children

7F Panoramic view of the main street

The tour of history and culture starts on the 10th floor and ends on the 7th floor. This floor vividly recreates in original size the extraordinarily lively streets of Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori from the end of the Taisho period to the beginning of the Showa period.

You should definitely bring your children to the Osaka History Museum next time.


If you want Osaka Museum of History Ticket, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

Buy discount Tickets

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