How to get to Naminoue Beach Nami no Ue Beach

About Naminoue Beach

Naminoue Beach is a man-made beach located at the edge of Naminoumiya, and it has not only a beautiful sea and white sand, but also a charming sunrise.

Naminoue Beach is only 15 minutes away from Naha Airport, and the urban beach is called the “last tourist spot” for tourists visiting Okinawa. When it was first built, there were only 7,500 visitors, but in 2000, the number of visitors soared to 235,000. The beach is the only beach in Naha City, but it is only 300m long, but the cross elevated road is very large, creating a unique landscape.

How to get there

From the Toyoko Inn Hotel, you can walk all the way to Hamiamiya Shrine, and Hamiami Beach is located at the back entrance of the shrine. The beach is not big and there is a bridge, but it doesn’t affect the water quality at all. I can’t believe that the beach in the city is still so clear and the water doesn’t have any fishy smell. I believe there are many locals who come to swim in summer. There is a wc and a small changing room next to the beach. And there are a lot of very clean little wild meows over there.


Free of charge

Opening hours: Visiting hours are all day, all year round


Swimming time: April-June and September-October: 9:00 to 18:00; July-August: 9:00 to 19:00 when you start to look at the photos to go to feel the beach is so big, actually arrived to find really small, after all, is a man-made beach, may be to make up for the Naha sea view it.

The beach is just down the right side of the shrine, after going to the shrine you can come to the beach to blow the sea breeze, the beach sand is very fine, the sun is also very abundant, there are foreigners lying in the sun, but the bridge by the sea affects the overall openness. Can not see the distance. So it is more obvious that the whole beach beach area is small and pathetic. It is like the size of a street park. Half an hour is enough.

If you are not on the way or come to the shrine on purpose, it does not make much sense to go. I think this is the only beach in Naha, and the water here is very clean and transparent.

In fact, the international pass, Makishi, wave on the palace is a line, walking are very close, wave on the palace from the international walk takes about 20 minutes, the initial own itinerary in fact, there is no wave on the palace plan, think time is tight directly pass, but because of the reason for the island, we changed the itinerary, so also walked one more place, seven happy and in the first time to feel the Naha city beach and the sea, so Really worth the trip.


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