How to get to Nagasaki A-bomb Museum

About Nagasaki A-bomb Museum

This museum was started as part of a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing and was officially opened to the public in April 1996. A large number of tragic scenes from the atomic bombings and the history of human weapons development up to the atomic bomb are displayed here.

How to get there

Take a streetcar bound for Akasako, get off at the Atomic Bomb Museum stop, and walk about 5 minutes.

Local buses
Take the bus bound for Nameishi, Tokitsu, Nagayo, or Menoto, get off at the Hamaguchi-cho stop, and walk about 5 minutes.

7-8 Hiranomachi, Nagasaki City


The A-bombing Museum is the ideal place to trace history, reflect on mistakes and reject war, where visitors witness the experience of horror, tragedy and peace.

From [Heiwa Park] can walk to [Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum], to understand the background of the atomic bomb and the tragic situation at the time, indeed, as many users say, there is stuck at 11:02 minutes of the clock, the fragment of the stained glass of the Catholic Church in Ohura, the atomic bomb,ittle fatty, because felt too heavy, did not take pictures, did not dare to stay long after the visit, and left in a hurry.

Feel a deep understanding of the historical damage, a deep sense of the power of the atomic bomb and the preciousness of peace, tickets 200 yen, not large inside, next to the Nagasaki Folk Museum can visit, feel to see a lot of different things, but the Japanese do focus on the atomic bomb damage in the education of generations and avoid the cause, but also really upset people.

The ticket for 200, vaguely remembered the same as Hiroshima. Not as depressing as Hiroshima. Set aside 1 hour almost.

Still worth a visit, which details the principle of the atomic bomb explosion, and the United States dropped the fat boy 1:1 model. If you speak good English, you can look at the multimedia screen near the exit to see some of the U.S. documentary films and information about Japan’s World War II, as well as Japan’s own documentary about the Kwantung Army, the war of aggression against China (they called it the War of No.). In short, the Japanese only know that they received two atomic bombs, but never understand why they received!

The paid museum, the name of the museum is also appropriate, Japan shows the world, the atomic bomb explosion on the local disaster, but the world due to aggression caused by the pain is really not much to mention, only with some small panels simply said, for the war of aggression against China is only written for the Chinese war, but also the world has nuclear weapons danger listed one by one, in fact, the most alarming is the Japanese.

Hiroshima six months ago, this time came to Nagasaki, two very similar cities, inseparable from the theme of the atomic bomb.
Also built the A-bomb Museum, next to the Peace Memorial Hall for the dead.


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