How to get to Marinoa City

About Marinoa City

Located in Fukuoka City in the western part of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, Fukuoka Marinoa City is a comprehensive entertainment facility that combines hotels, amusement parks, stores and restaurants, and is also Kyushu’s top-class shopping mall for brand-name bargains, which was opened in 2000. It effectively utilizes the geographical environment where the district is located to create a comfortable waterfront layout as an open architecture style, and is not only famous as a shopping destination, but also the most famous sightseeing spot in Fukuoka. During New Year’s Eve, many bargain sales and promotions are held in Marinoa City, attracting people from all over the world to shop here.

Marinoa City has a collection of about 170 stores selling everything from fashionable clothes to sports, decorative goods and interior decoration. Here, merchants sell out-of-season goods, stocks of canceled goods, goods of different sizes and colors, and trial products and samples at lower than regular prices, so that consumers can not only buy goods from reputable brands and manufacturers at low prices, but also find things that they cannot easily buy normally while shopping, feeling as if they have found a treasure.

How to get there

Nishitetsu Bus from Hakata/Tenjin / Showa Bus from Meinohama Station


What I recommend here at Marinoa City is a shopping date with an overnight stay at the adjacent Marinoa Hotel! Lunch at the nearby restaurant Blue at noon! Window-shop at the outlet store and check in at the hotel at 3:00 p.m.
After that, while shopping, I spent time at a cafe in between shopping, and then went to the room to give my wife a fashion show! Dinner after changing into my favorite purchased items! The view of the yacht harbor from the room at dusk is the last romantic thing you want to see!


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