How to get to Fukuoka City Museum

About Fukuoka City Museum

Fukuoka City was once a window for foreign exchange, and the permanent exhibition of the Fukuoka Museum focuses on the history of the city and the lives of its people.

The Fukuoka City Museum stands in Momochihama, where Fukuoka Tower, Yahoo Dome and other landmarks of Fukuoka are located, and is a historical and cultural tourist spot. Here you can learn about the history of Fukuoka, which has been a hub of Asian exchange since ancient times, and exhibit the “Golden Seal”, a national treasure that appears frequently in textbooks, and the “Nihongo”, the famous gun of the Kuroda Festival, all year round.

The Fukuoka City Museum has two floors, the first with a learning experience room and a lecture room, and the second with three exhibition rooms. There are three types of exhibition rooms on the second floor: permanent exhibition room, planning exhibition room and special exhibition room. The permanent exhibition room introduces the history and folklore of Fukuoka, where you can learn about the history and life of the citizens of Fukuoka, a city that has served as a window for foreign exchange from ancient times to the present; the planning exhibition room features independent theme exhibitions related to the history, folklore and culture of Fukuoka and Japan; and the special exhibition room features various large-scale theme exhibitions. The exhibition content changes every two months. In the other exhibition rooms, there are various facilities for learning and experience. Interestingly, the Learning Experience Room displays toys, clothes and musical instruments from Asia, especially from Kyushu, so you can experience the history and culture of Fukuoka.

How to get there

10 minutes on foot from Nishishin Station
10 minutes(Nishitetsu Bus “Museum South P”, “Museum North Exit”)


A special exhibition of Ghibli was being held and many people came to see it. The permanent exhibition was large, and it took quite some time to visit each one. The museum is well designed with easy-to-understand illustrations and story-like images.


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