How to get to Jigokudani Hot Springs

About Jigokudani Hot Springs

Jigokudani Onsen is famous for the Japanese snow monkeys that live here, and like humans, they love to soak in the hot springs, the only one of its kind in the world.

In winter, when the snow is flying, these wild snow monkeys jump into the hot springs to keep warm and cool. Clad in thick brown fur and snowflakes, these red-faced snow monkeys climb on rocks and soak themselves in the warm hot springs, yawning and looking especially relaxed.

They groom each other’s fur and scratch each other’s lice in the hot springs, snuggling and helping each other in a harmonious and beautiful way. Most of the monkeys like to soak quietly in the hot springs, letting the warm water take away the cold and fatigue for them, while others are particularly active and dive into the water from time to time in search of food, while others play and fight together.

How to get there

Jigokudani Yaen-koen is located in Jigokudani Onsen in Shiga Kogen, northern Nagano Prefecture.

To get there by expressway, go to the Shinshu-Nakano IC of Joshinetsu Expressway.


In winter, be sure to prepare “boots” in case there is snow on the ground or it is muddy.

Also, be careful not to slip when the temperature is low, as it may be icy.


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