How to get to Kiso Mountains

About Kiso Mountains

The Kiso Mountain Range is a mountain range that runs north-south through the western part of Nagano Prefecture and the southeastern part of Gifu Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan, and is commonly known as the Central Alps. Unlike the Hida and Akashi ranges, the highest peak of the Kiso Mountains is only 2,956 meters above sea level, so climbing is easy and can be done in one day.

In the northeastern part of the Kiso Mountains, the northeastern part of the summit is a treasure trove of flowers, and during the flowering season, colorful flowers bloom in clusters, decorating the entire green area like a huge carpet of flowers. On the southeast slope of the mountain range, there is the “Thousand Shishiki Ice Pits”, which is said to be the remains of the glacier after it was dug out.

The Kiso Mountains are not only scenic, but also rich in human tourism resources. The Komagane Kogen Museum of Art, located at the eastern foot of Kiso-Komagatake, the highest peak of the mountain, exhibits works by famous artists such as Mansuo Ikeda, and is extremely popular for its individuality.

How to get there

Public transportation: JR Komakane Station→54 min. by Ina/Chuo Alps Kanko Bus bound for Komagatake Ropeway, get off at bus stop: Shirabi-daira, and walk shortly to the boarding area.
Car: 2 km 3 min. from Komagane IC of Chuo Highway via Prefectural Road 75. From Suganodai Bus Center, transfer to a bus for 30 minutes to the ropeway.


The ropeway connects Shirabidaira Station at 1662 meters above sea level to Senjyojiki Station at 2612 meters above sea level in about 8 minutes. Once off the ropeway, the view of the Southern Alps, Mount Fuji, and the Senjajiki Karu (curls) is spectacular, and alpine plants bloom all over the area in summer. Due to restrictions on private cars, visitors can take a bus from the parking lot to the ropeway station.


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