How to get to Azumino

About Azumino

Azumino is a well-known tourist town in Japan, located in the central and western regions of Nagano Prefecture, and is known for its picturesque scenery in all seasons and the towering Northern Alps. It is an iconic place to visit in Japan, and its folkloric architecture and the art museums and galleries that can be found everywhere are popular with tourists, making it a great place to learn about Japanese customs and art and culture.

Azumino has long been considered by many as the “Gate way” to the Japanese Alps, where many world-class hikers, climbers and snow sports enthusiasts gather every year. It is not only the largest wasabi farm in Japan, but also because of its beautiful scenery and signature cuisine.

How to get there

  1. From Shinjuku, take the JR Chuo East Line or Express Azusa to Matsumoto in about 2.5 hours. From Matsumoto to Hotaka Station on the JR Oito Line takes about 30 minutes.
  2. From Hotaka Station, take a cab (10 minutes) or rent a bicycle (20 minutes). From the next Ariake Station, 25 minutes on foot.
  3. From Nagoya, take the JR Chuo West Line or the limited express Shinano to Matsumoto in about 2 hours. From Matsumoto, same as 1).
    From Kanazawa, take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Nagano in about 1 hr. 10 min. From Nagano to Akeina Station on the JR Shinonoi Line takes about 1 hour. From Akeina Station, 15 minutes by cab.


Azumino has a long history of art and culture, and there are many places for art lovers to meet in different parts of the city. Various art museums and galleries in the city form the Azumino Art Line, where works by famous Japanese artists such as Takahashi Regiro, Iwasaki Chihiro and Ogiwara Rokuzan are exhibited.


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