How to buy tickets for Flutia Fukushima

What’s about Flutia Fukushima

Flutia Fukushima is a sightseeing train that goes beyond the boundaries of a “train. Inside the train, you can enjoy cakes and drinks while admiring the magnificent scenery of Fukushima. Most of the food served on the train is made with ingredients produced in Fukushima Prefecture, so you can enjoy the air of Aizu with all your senses while you are on the train.

How to buy the ticket

JR East’s sightseeing train “Frutia Fukushima” will operate as a tour-only train (group train). To board the train, you will need to purchase a tour package from a travel agency.

There are two main types of tours: a local departure and arrival plan that includes only the train ride and a “sweets set” and a plan that includes the train ride, a “sweets set,” lodging, etc. The prices and reservation methods differ depending on the travel agency and tour content. Prices and reservation methods vary depending on the travel agency and tour content.

If you search for “Fruitia Fukushima” in the Club Tourism “Railway Journey Specials” menu, you will find the following information: “Charter a sightseeing train that will be out of service in December 2023 for a one-person trip! Tours that include a train ride, a “sweets set,” lodging, etc. are available, such as “2-day Tour of Fruits Kingdom Fukushima ‘Flutia Fukushima'”.

JR East View Tourism & Sales “Fun Train Reservation Site” “Flutia Fukushima” ride and “Sweets Set” only local arrival/departure plans are regularly on sale.

If you want Whole Japan Rail Pass, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

Buy discount Tickets

Notes on Ticket Reservations

Local departure and arrival plans that only include boarding the train and a “sweets set” are available on the JR East View Tourism & Sales “Notto Tanoshii Train Reservation Site,” and can be applied for up to three days prior to boarding the train.

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